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.Opposite side: consider a rectangle. Name the corners A,B,C,D, name can be at any corner but continous. Now AB and CD, AD and BC are opposite sides. Or opposite sides are parallel lines they are not suppose to be equal but parallel. Opposite angles: consider X mark the upper 'v' makes angle at the joining point let angle be A1. The 'Λ' lower v mark makes angle at joining points let angle be A2. Then A1and A2 are opposite angles. The joining of two straight lines makes opposite angles.

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Q: What is the opposite sides and opposites angles?
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What shape has opposites sides parallel and the same length and four right angles?

A shape with opposite sides parallel and of the same length and four right angles is a rectangle.

Is a rectangle a square or a square a rectangle?

A square is rectangle with all its sides are equal in length. The rectangle has: (a) opposites sides are parallel. (b) opposite angles are equal

Is a special quadrilateral with both pairs of opposites sides parallel and congruent also their opposite angles are congruent and adjacent angles add up to 180 degrees?


What is special about the opposite sides and Opposite angles of a parallelogram?

Opposite sides are parallel.Opposite sides are congruent.Opposite angles are congruent.

What is corresponding angles and sides are referred to as?

what is corresponding angles and sides referred to as They are the opposites that are equal if it is angles they are always equal if they are angles they can only be coarrasoponding if they are equal

Which shape is this it's has 4 sides opposite sides 2 acute angles 2 obtuse angles opposite sides parallel opposite angles congruent?

A parallelogram or a rhombus

What has 4 sides all sides are congruent opposite sides are parallel opposite sides are congruent no angles are right angles?

A rhombus.

What are all the names of all the quadrilateral with pictures?

Rectangle: A quadrilateral with 4 right angles, diagonals congruent/bisecting, and opposite sides congruent, BUT ADJACENT SIDES ARE NOT CONGRUENT. Rhobus: A quadrilateral with opposite congruent angles, but adjacent angles are Not congruent, perpendicular bisecting diagonals and 4 congruent sides. Square: A quadrilateral that is a rectangle and a square with 4 right angles, diagonals congruet/bisecting that ar perpendicular, and opposites sides congruent.

What quadrilateral has opposites not parallel 4 sides and 4 angles?


What has 4 sides its opposite sides are equal and it has 4 right angles?

A square. Its opposite sides are equal and it has 4 right angles.

What quadrilateral has all right angles equal opposites sides but does not have all equal sides?

a rectangle

Quadrilateral with opposite sides and angles equal?

A parallelogram has opposite sides and angles congruent which means of equal measure.