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Rectangle: A quadrilateral with 4 right angles, diagonals congruent/bisecting, and opposite sides congruent, BUT ADJACENT SIDES ARE NOT CONGRUENT.

Rhobus: A quadrilateral with opposite congruent angles, but adjacent angles are Not congruent, perpendicular bisecting diagonals and 4 congruent sides.

Square: A quadrilateral that is a rectangle and a square with 4 right angles, diagonals congruet/bisecting that ar perpendicular, and opposites sides congruent.

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Q: What are all the names of all the quadrilateral with pictures?
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What are all the names and requirements of a quadrilateral?

a quadrilateral has 4 (quad) sides. a square is a quadrilateral.

What are all the names for the trapezoid?

All the names to classify a trapezoid are a trapezoid and a quadrilateral.

What are all the names for a rectangle?

quadrilateral, parallelogram

What are all The names of a rectangle?

a rectangle and quadrilateral

What are all the names you can use for each quadrilateral?

The best names, square, parallelogram and that is all I know. I hope i helped.

What is all of the names of a square?

square, rectangle, quadrilateral, polygon, parallelogram, equilateral

What are all the names for a square?

Parrallelogram, quadrilateral, square... PLEASE ADD

What are all the names a parallelogram can be called?

A parallelogram is a 4 sided quadrilateral.

What are the two names for a regular quadrilateral?

Square and a rhombus * * * * * A rhombus is not a regular quadrilateral (unless it is a square) because being regular requires all sides AND all angles to be equal. So there is only one type of a regular quadrilateral - a square. It may have other names, certainly so in other languages.

What are two names that describe a rectangular polygon?

Parallelogram, quadrilateral Parallelogram means "All opposite sides are equal" Quadrilateral means "Four-sided"

How many names for rhombus quadrilateral?

there are several names for rhombus quadrilaterals. rhombus quadrilateral is the main name of a rhombus quadrilateral. some other names arent very similar to this name but can still describe it.

What is the names for rectangle?

a quadrilateral