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okay wikianswers messed up the question. H0: M=23; H1: M not 23; n=50; x-bar = 21.25; standard deviation = 5. please help!

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Q: What is the p-value for the following hypothesis test. H0 M equals 23 H1 M not 23 n equals 50 x-bar equals 21.25 standard deviation equals 5?
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If the mean equals 500 and the standard deviation equals 100 Bob scored at 2nd standard deviation-what was his score?

Bob scored 300 or 700.

The standard deviation of a sample of 10000 observations equals 121 The variance of the sample equals?

It equals 14641.

If the Mean equals 100 variance equals 40 and sample size equals 10 what is the standard deviation?


What sample size is needed to disprove the hypothesis that the probability of outcome A equals 0.25?

The answer depends on what population characteristic A measures: whether it is mean, variance, standard deviation, proportion etc. It also depends on the sampling distribution of A.

What would the Z score be if Z equals 0 and Z equals -1.41?


If mean equals 18.6 standard deviation equals 4 what is the z score?

The z score, for a value y, is (y - 18.6)/4

Can standard deviation equals to variance?

The variance is the square of the standard deviation.This question is equivalent tocan s = s^2The answer is yes, but only in two cases.If the standard deviation is 1 exactly, then so is the variance.If the standard deviation is 0 exactly, then so is the variance.If the standard deviation is anything else, then it is not equal to the variance.You are not likely to find these special cases in practical problems, so from a practical sense, you should think that they are generally not equal.

Assume that X has a normal distribution with mean equals 15.2 and standard deviation equals 0.9 What is the probability that X is greater than 16.1?


How much is 84 percentile equals mean plus 1 standard deviation or mean plus 1.4 standard deviation. Can you give me reference also please?

The cumulative probability up to the mean plus 1 standard deviation for a Normal distribution - not any distribution - is 84%. The reference is any table (or on-line version) of z-scores for the standard normal distribution.

N equals 36 with a population mean of 74 and a mean score of 79.4 with a standard deviation of 18?

Can someone help me find the answer for a sample n=36 with a population mean of of 76 and a mean of 79.4 with a standard deviation of 18?

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Suppose that a population that a population has mean equals 64 and standard deviation equals 18. A sample of size 36 is selected. What is the mean of the sampling distribution of means?