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The sequence represents the cube of integers starting at 1 and increasing by 1 at each step.

13 = 1 : 23 = 8 : 33 = 27 : 43 = 64 : then next two numbers are 53 = 125 : 63 = 216

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Q: What is the pattern in this sequence - 1...8...27...64?
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What is the difference between pattern and sequence?

A sequence is an ordered set of numbers while a pattern describes a rule, if any, which defines or generates that pattern. You can have a sequence of random numbers for which, by definition, there should be no pattern.

What is pattern and sequence?

A pattern may be visual or numeric (or other), a sequence is usually numeric.

What song has a sequence?

One song that has a sequence is 'Silent Night." At the part, "All is calm, all is bright," "All is calm" represents the pattern, and "All is bright" is the sequence. The sequence copies the pattern, but higher or lower than the pattern.

Is Fibonicci a pattern sequence?

Not sure about Fibonicci but the Pisan mathematician, Fibonacci, did discover a pattern sequence which was named after him.

What kind of pattern is the main sequence?


How do you find the next 50nth term in a sequence?

you must find the pattern of the sequence in order to find the next 50 terms using that pattern and the first part of the sequence given

What is the 5th term of the sequence which has a first term of 17?

That depends what the pattern of the sequence is.

What is a repetitive pattern?

haha? a pattern or sequence that is constantly repeating..

What letter is next in the sequence s s a?

It the pattern continues as ssa ssa, then 's' would be next in the sequence. This is only if the pattern is a recurring pattern. If the pattern continues without recurrence of the given sequence, then 'a' would be next, because if 's' repeats itself twice, then 'a' would also.

What is the pattern for 11235813?

Fibonacci Sequence.

What is a pattern closely related to?

A sequence

Is a sequence a pattern?

Not necessarily. It is simply an ordered set: it could be a sequence of random numbers.

Set of numbers that follow a pattern?

This is called a sequence and if we add the numbers in that sequence it is called a series.

What learning pattern uses metaphors?


What is the 16th number in this sequence 5 14 27 and why?

There are not enough numbers in this sequence to calculate the pattern yet.

What does chronological or sequence of events?

chronological mean like first to fifth or in order , and sequence means a pattern

What is mathematical sequence?

Sequences are a group of numbers that follow a certain pattern. There are two kinds of sequences, the arithematic sequence and geometric sequence. Arithematic sequence follows through addition (and subtraction). Geometric sequence follows throug multiplication (and division). Arithematic Sequence Example : 1, 6, 11, 16, 21 The pattern follows an addition of 5. Geometric Sequence Example : 1, 3, 9, 27, 81 The pattern follows a multiplication of 3

What is the name of the pattern in maths?

The mathematical term for pattern in maths is "sequence". Hope this helps : )

What is a list of numbers that often form a pattern?


What do you need to do to extend a number sequence pattern?


List the base sequence of a strand of rna made using the DNA pattern atccgtc?

UAGGCAG is the base sequence

Is this sequence correct 1-2-5-10-13-26-29-61?

Any ordered set of numbers (and other things) is a sequence. There need not be any discernible pattern to the sequence (Brownian motion, for example), or a pattern which is understood only by the person who defined the sequence. With the last category in mind, every ordered set of numbers is a correct sequence.

How do you solve a linear sequence?

You cannot solve a sequence: you can only solve a question about the sequence. The idea is to find the pattern, so you know what comes next.

What is a sequence text pattern?

A sequence text pattern is a sort of pattern that the author of a book/text/article etc... uses to convey the message of his text or to simply present the story. For example, a text that simply has paragraphs like: Day 1: Choosing The Subject, Day 2: Accomplishing the work etc... the sequence text pattern would be that they put their day to day activities in chronological order. There are many sequence text patterns different authors use.

What is an arithmetic pattern?

a arithmetic pattern is a mathmatical pattern, or sequence that helps us discover the patterns in increasing and decreasing numbers.