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By atoms it is 50% sodium and 50% chlorine.

By mass (sodium is 23.0, chlorine is 35.5, salt is 58.5) is 39.3% sodium and 60.7% chlorine.

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Q: What is the percent composition of chlorine in salt?
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What is the percent composition of chlorine in NaCl?

Sodium chloride contain 60,334 17 % chlorine.

What is the mass percent of chlorine in CCl3F?

77.42% mass of chlorine / mass of entire chemical x 100 = percent composition

What is the percent composition of ammonium chloride?

The percent composition of ammonium chloride is:- hydrogen: 7,55 %- nitrogen: 26,41 %- chlorine: 66,04 %

What is composition of salt?

Table salt is made of 50 molar % Sodium, 50 molar % chlorine.

Molecular composition of sodium and chlorine?

Na= SodiumCl= ChlorineNaCl = Table salt

Composition of a salt molecule?

Common salt is a compound called Sodium chloride (forula NaCl) and it is formed from Sodium and Chlorine.

Does salt have chemical composition?

Yes, it consists of a 1:1 ratio of sodium to chlorine.

In which compound is the percent composition by mass of chlorine equal to 42 percent?

HClO3 (gram-formula mass = 84 g/mol)

What is the chemical composition of chlorine?

Chlorine is an element.

What is the composition of table salt?

The composition of salt is sodium chloride.

Is salt in chlorine?

Salt is made up of two elements, chlorine and sodium.

What better salt system or chlorine?

A salt system makes chlorine, that's what its there for.

How is salt different from chlorine?

Ordinary salt is a compound formed from sodium and chlorine.

What percent composition of chlorine in sodium chloride?

Sodium Chloride is NaCl. Atomic weight of sodium (Na) is 23 and that of Chlorine (Cl) is 35. Molecular weight of Sodium Chloride is 58. % of Chlorine in Sodium Chloride is about 60%

What does chemical composition of a mineral mean?

Chemical composition refers to the elements and their proportions in that mineral. For instance, table salt has equal parts sodium and chlorine. Its chemical composition is NaCl. Or, quartz is one part silicon and two parts oxygen. Its chemical composition is SiO2.

What is the percentage composition of chlorine in NaCl?

These percentages are: - chlorine: 60,334 % - sodium: 39,666 %

What is an example of chlorine?

chlorine and soduim creates salt

Does salt soluble in water?

Yes. It's because the chemical composition of salt is NaCl. Na, or sodium, is ionic, whereas Cl, or chlorine, is covalent. These bonds separate in water, H2O, and thus salt is soluble in water.

What is the percent of chlorine in AlCl3?

The percent of chlorine in Aluminium chloride is approx. 79% and the percent of Aluminium is 20%.

When sodium and chlorine combine to make salt what is the salt?


Does chlorine contain salt?

No, chlorine is an element, consisting only of chlorine atoms. Common table salt contains chlorine in the form of the chloride ion (Cl-)

What is the chemical composition of table salt?

Salt is an ionic compound formed by the action of an acid on a substance. Equal numbers of sodium and chlorine atoms combine to form salt. Each sodium atom loses an electron, becoming positively charge, and each chlorine atom gains an electron, becoming negatively charged. The equation for salt is: NaCl

Can I Mix salt in a chlorine pool?

Do you have a system installed at the equipment pad that will convert the salt to chlorine? If not, then NO!.

What contains chlorine?


What is the percent composition of Li in LiOH?

The percent composition of lithium in LiOH is: 29,21 %.