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1/6 = 16.67%

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Q: What is the percent form for one sixth?
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What is one sixth in percent form?

1/6 = 16.6667%

What is one sixth of 100 in pecent?

One sixth of anything is (16 and 2/3) percent of it. One sixth of 100 is 16, which is 1,600 percent.

What is the percentage of one sixth of a circle?

One sixth is equal to (16 2/3) percent or 16.6666....percent.

Is one sixth 66 and a third percent?

One sixth isn't 66 and a third percent; it is 16 and two thirds percent.

What is one sixth of one percent?


What is one sixth of one hundred in percent?

It is 6%

What is one sixth in simple form?

It is: one sixth = 1/6

What is the percent of one sixth of 30?

About 16.667%.

One sixth is what percent of a circle?


What percent is one sixth?

it is 15

What percent of a circle is one sixth?


What percent is one sixth of 30?


Is one sixth more than 25 percent?


What percent is one sixth of one hundred?

1/6= 0.17%

What is one and one sixth as a percent?

11/6 = 1.166... (recurring) %

What is one twelfth of two percent?

1/12 of 2% = 1/6 % (one sixth of one percent)

How do you Change one sixth to its percent by multiplying one sixth by 100 percent?

1/6 * 100 = 100/6 = 16.66... So 1/6 = 16.66... %

What is the percent equivalent to one-sixth?

percent equivalent to one-sixth = (50/3)% or 16.67%1/6 * 100% = 100%/6 = (50/3)% or 16.67%

What percent of 48 equals eight?

16.6666% recurring, or 16 and one sixth percent.

Is sixteen and two thirds one sixth percent of a circle?


What decimal or percent is equivalent to one sixth?


What 1 and one sixth as a percent?

116 and 2/3%

What is twelve and one sixth as a percent?

1216 and 2/3%

What percent is 1 sixth of 30?

one sixth is 1/6. this as a decimal is .16666666etc. this as a present is 16.66666 %. One sixth of 30 would be approximately 16.66%.

What is the percent form of one fourth?

percent form of one fourth = 25%