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20% fell asleep.

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Q: What is the percentage if two out of 10 children fall asleep?
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How do you stay awake for one week?

You can't. After two or three days, your body will make you fall asleep.

What is the percentage if two out of 16 children are absent?


How do you go to sleep when there is too much noise?

Put your fingers in your ears until you forget and fall asleep. This worked two times for me!

Is it ok to drink alcohol 8 hours after taking flexerill?

These two do NOT play well together. You may suddenly fall asleep. Be careful.

Can you take oxycodone with Paxil?

Do these two medicines interact? CAn you take both of them at the same time?

What does the flower do in A Midsummer Night's Dream?

There are two flowers: with one, if you get it in your eyes when you're asleep, you fall for the first thing you see when you wake up. The second flower is the antidote--it stops the person from doting.

Can people go without sleep?

People can only go without sleep for about two days. Then they just have to fall asleep. Ive stayed up 4 days straight.

What does a person do twenty two thousand times in their life?

There's a lot of possibilities. That's roughly once a day for sixty years. Have dinner, fall asleep, take a shower...

Can you die from marijuana drug abuse?

Unless you smoke your body weight, which is impossible, you cannot die from marijuana. You will probably fall asleep after smoking an ounce or two, depending on how good the bud is.

What Medical conditions that cause the hands to fall asleep?

There are several different conditions that can cause the hands to fall asleep repeatedly. Some of these conditions include neuropathy, nerve damage, diabetes, systemic disease, and vitamin deficiencies.

What does it mean when your girlfriend doesn't text you back to say I love you too two nights in a row and says she fell asleep?

could be that she is holding a grudge for something u have done but not noticed, she might be wanting a break up for any number of reasons, or it is quite possible she actually did fall asleep.

Besides mass what does gravity depend on?

No. Whether an astronaut is asleep in Houston, in free-fall on his way to the moon, or standing on the moon's surface, he still has the same mass.