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Most of the times it varries from a 60 to 95%here are some examples:

Lifebouy: 65% OF ALCOHOL

protex: 65%



this examples are not given by the company of the soap brand, they are researched on the internet.

hope this helps!

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Q: What is the percentage of alcohol in soaps?
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What alcohol is used for washing clothing?

Alcohol is not used for clothes washing; soaps and detergents are.

Is alcohol use in soap?

Yes, it is in some soaps like shampoo.

What kills on contact?

Rubbing alcohol, Lysol, disinfectant soaps and detergents.

What are some alcohol based soaps in India?

I'm not sure there is any such thing.

What soaps are alcohol and animal fat free?

Dove and Bath and Body Works simple as that!

In a tank holding 30 gallons of solution 1 gallon is alcohol. What is the percentage of alcohol in the solution?

The percentage of alcohol is 3,33 %.

What percentage of 1 alcohol unit does beer that has a 0.05 percent alcohol content have?

The volume in litres, multiplied by the percentage that is alcohol.

What are the chemicals use in housekeeping cleaning?

Examples: soaps, shampoo, detergents, denatured alcohol etc.

What is the percentage of alcohol in a solution that contains 225ml of water and 65ml of alcohol?

The alcoholic percentage is 22,4 %.

What is alcohol percentage in kahlua?

It's 20% alcohol.

The higher the proof or alcohol percentage the faster the absorption?

the higher the proof or alcohol percentage the faster the absorption

What not to use on a tattoo?

Good Question!!!! Do not use alcohol[alcohol is advised for the itching phase but that's a couple of weeks after you get it], hydrogen peroxide is not good either, stay away from scented soaps, bar soaps [even antibiotic bar soaps have dirty surfaces], lotions with fragrances or coloring agents, A & D ointment [great on babies' butts but has no therapeutic value on a fresh tattoo, avoid harsh soaps, washcloths, and especially direct sunlight {for at least 3 weeks} Hope this helps.....