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Almost 100%, unless the air is very dusty.

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Q: What is the percentage of gas in the air?
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What percentage of gas is in the air you breathe out?


How much gas in air?

Air is a mixture of gases! To answer this question you need to define what gas percentage as a component of air you are requesting information on.

What type of gas makes up the highest percentage of air?

A diatomic gas.

Which gas has the highest percentage in the air you inhale?


The gas that makes up the largest percentage of the air?


What is the percentage of nitrogen is presented in clean air?

Air contains approximately 78% nitrogen gas.

What percentage of each gas in exhaled air?

Haven't a clue. No websites show this.

Which gas in the air that you breathe has the highest percentage?

78.09% Nitrogen by Volume (approx)

What percentage of the air consists of nitrogen gas?

About 79% of earth's atmosphere is Nitrogen.

What is the percentage composition of nitrogen in the air?

78 percent Air is mostly gas The air in Earth's atmosphere is made up of approximately 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen.

What gas makes up the largest percentage of the air we inhale?

Nitrogen, close to 80 %.

What gas is represented in the highest percentage by volume in dry air?

The element Nitrogen has by far the highest % composition of dry air. It is also the highest percentage by volume in wet air. Only the percentage is known (78.09%), because it is impossible to measure the total volume of air as it is constantly changing.

Is nitrogen the gas with the highest percentage by volume in dry air?

Yes. Nitrogen makes up about 78.08% of the air in Earth's atmosphere by volume.

What gas shows the greatest difference in percentage between inhaled and exhaled air?

CO2 (carbon dioxide)

What percentage of gas is in air?

about 78% of air is nitrogen 21% oxygen, and 1% other gasses e.g. carbon monoxide, water vapour etc.

What is the Percentage range of lel and uel for natural gas?

The Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) of natural gas (which is primarily methane). is 5% by volume in air. The Upper Explosive Limit (UEL) is 15% by volume in air

What is the percentage of oxygen in dry air?

The percentage of oxygen in air is 21%.

What is primary air in a gas furnace?

Primary air is the air that mixes with the gas before the gas is burned.

Does air is a kind of a gas?

Yes it is. Air Gas.

Why is air a substance?

air is a substance because air is a gas and a gas is a substance.

Describe how atmospheric and alveolar air differ in composition and explain the differences?

Atmospheric (external) air contains a high percentage of oxygen and nitrogen whereas alveoli gas contains a lower percentage of oxygen and a higher percentage of carbon dioxide. The differences in composition are due to the fact that gaseous exchange is taking place within the alveoli in the lungs. Oxygen is diffusing from the alveoli into the pulmonary artery and carbon dioxide is diffusing back into the alveoli from the pulmonary artery due to the concentration gradients. This is the main reason why external air and alveolar gas have such different compositions. Another reason why the gas compositions are different is due to the fact that alveoli gas contains a mixture of both atmospheric air which has been inhaled and 'old' air which stays in the respiratory track and is not exhaled after each breath therefore giving it a different composition. Alveolar gas has a larger percentage of water vapour than atmospheric air due to the fact that air is being warmed and moistened as it travels into the respiratory track. This is done by the mucus in the nasal cavity as the air travels past it.

What is one example of a gas?

The air we breathe.

Most of air is this gas?

This gas is nitrogen (78,08 %) in air.

What path is light wave from air to gas?

Air is a gas.

Is gas a state of matter that is air?

Yes, air is a gas.