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As opposed to unspoken, telepathic communications? I suspect very close to 100%

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Q: What is the percentage of the spoken language in Brazil?
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What langauage is commonly spoken in Brazil?

Portugeze is the most commonly spoken language in Brazil.

What languages are spoken in Brasilia Brazil?

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese.

What language is spoken by the most people in South America?

Portuguese (spoken in Brazil).

What languages are spoken in Brazil and Mexico?

The official and national language of Brazil is Portuguese.The national language of Mexico is Spanish.

What is the main language spoken in Teresina Brazil?


What is lanquages in Brazil?

The language spoken in Brazil is Brazilian Portuguese, or just Portuguese.

What percentage of languages are spoken in Vietnam?

There isn't really a percentage, but not English is spoken. A language called Vietnamese is spoken.

What is the percentage language spoken in Fiji?

I would guess it is mathematics. There is no other percentage language, is there?

How do you say soccer in Brazil?

In portuguese (language spoken in Brazil) "soccer" is called: Futebol

Where is Portuguese spoken in the Americas?

Only Brazil has Portuguese as its official language.

What is the largetst south American country and what language is spoken there?

Brazil, Portuguese

Is spanish spoken in Rio de Janeiro?

No. The official language of Brazil is Portuguese.

Second most common language in latin America?

Portuguese (spoken in Brazil)

Is Portuguese in Europe?

Portuguese is a language spoken in Portugal in western Europe. It is also the major language of Brazil.

Who was the early explorers and settlers in Brazil?

the Portuguese found Brazil originally. they settled in Brazil and that's why Portuguese is the most widely spoken language in Brazil today.

Is Swahili spoken in Malawi?

Yes, Swahili is spoken in Malawi, although it is only spoken by a very small percentage and is definitely not a major language. The major language is Chichewa.

What is South America's major languages?

The major language spoken on the continent of South America is Spanish. Portuguese is spoken in Brazil.

Goodbye in Brazil?

Brazil's most spoken language is portugese. In Brazilian portuguese you say tchau which is pronounced like "chow".

What languages are spoken in Sรฃo Paulo Brazil?

The Big city of São Paulo is located in Brazil, therefore , the language is Portuguese.

Portuguese is spoken by the citizens of this south American country?

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil.

What language do people speak in Brazil what language is spoken in most countries in the region?

Most of the countries of South America Speak Spanish. For the languages of Brazil, click here.

What South American country speaks Portuguese and why do they speak that language?

Portuguese is spoken in Brazil because Brazil was once a colony of Portugal.

Why is the Portuguese spoken in Brazil so different from the language spoken in Portugal?

It's different, but it's not "so different."Dialects form with isolation (physical, cultural, or political). The dialects of Brazil are different from the dialects of Portugal, but they are still the same language.

What is Brazil's political system like?

Language spoken- Portugese Head of government- Fernando Henrique.

What effect did Cabrals voyage have in the language that is spoken in Brazil today?

Now this days we spoke Portuguese