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Q: What is the percentage of yellow people?
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What percentage of the figure is shaded yellow?

the answer is 65

What percentage of people die from yellow fever?

researc says that 5-70% of people die from yellow fever today

What percentage of cars on us roadways are yellow?

1 percent of vehicles are gold or yellow.

What is the percentage of yellow dwarf stars with solar systems in the Milky Way?

About 10% are yellow dwarfs.

What percentage of 18 carat yellow gold is silver?

18 carat yellow gold typically contains around 25% silver, along with 75% gold and trace amounts of other metals such as copper or zinc. Silver is added to gold alloys to increase durability and hardness.

Do people with yellow people turn yellow?

Depends if the yellow people have some sort of skin disease, which is transferable then it is possible.

What percentage of yellow and orange are used to make the color Aztec gold?

20% orange 75% yellow 5 %silver

What percentage of leaves turn yellow?

52% of leaves turn yellow yes this may be true but you need to state your reference!!

What percentage of blue and yellow make green?

50% plus 50%

A number out of one hundred?

A number per one hundred is equivalent to a percentage. So if 15 out of 100 people like the colour yellow best then we could write this as 15%.

What percentage of car sales are yellow cars?

It is estimated that only about 3% of car sales consist of yellow cars. Yellow is not a popular color choice for most car buyers.

Beth has 400 roses 48 of them are yellow what percentage of the roses are yellow?

48/400 of the roses are yellow, so divide 48 by 400. The answer is 0.12. Move the decimal point two places to the right and 12% of the roses are yellow.