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The perimeter is equal to the sum of

(leg-1) plus (leg-2) plus (hypotenuse).

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Q: What is the peremeter of the right angled triangle?
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How do you name a triangle by its angles than its sides?

An acute angled triangle, right angled triangle or obtuse angled triangle.

A scalene triangle can also be an what triangle?

a scalene can be a right-angled triangle or a obtuse angled triangle or a acute angled triangle depending on the angles of the triangle.

What are the six kinds of triangle?

acute angled triangle,right angled triangle,obtuse angled triangle,isosceles triangle,equilateral triangle, scalene triangle

What is special about a right-angled triangle?

a right angled triangle is special because it is the only triangle that has a right angle with a dregree of 180.

Does a right-angled triangle have any equal sides?

A right-angled triangle can have equal sides, but does not have to. A right-angled triangle with two equal sides CANNOT be an equilateral triangle. A right-angled triangle cannot be an equilateral triangle.Divide a square along the diagonal, and you are left with two right-angled triangles with two sides of equal length.

What is an obtuse angled triangle?

An obtuse angled triangle is wider than a right angled triangle. It has 180 degree angles.

What triangle has a right angle?

The right-angled triangle.

What is the Area of a right angled triangle?

1/2*base of triangle*height(the perpendicular)=Area of right angled triangle

Does a right angled triangle have all equal sides?

right angled triangle does not have all equal sides

When is the orthocenter inside on or outside of the triangle?

Inside: acute angled triangleOn: right angled triangle Outside: obtuse angled triangle.

What is a triangle having a right angle?

A right(-angled) triangle

What is Right Angled triangle?

A right-angled triangle is one which has, as one of the angles, an angle of exactly 90 degrees.