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The two perfect numbers less than 40 are 6 (1+2+3) and 28 (1+2+4+7+14).

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Q: What is the perfect number less than 40?
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When A number is less than but more than 40 . it is divisible by 4 and when added to 19 what will be the resulting answer?

A number cannot be "less than but more than 40".

What number is forty less than eigthy?

The number is 40

What is a whole number less than 40?

All positive integers less than or equal to 39 are whole numbers less than 40.

A even number less than 40?


What is 20 less than 2 times a number is 40?

20 less than 2 times a number is 40 = 2x - 20 = 40Let x = the number2 times a number = 2x20 less than = - 20is 40: =40Translating it into mathematical symbols :2x - 20 = 40

What is the market concentration ratio of a perfect competition?

The market concentration ratio for perfect competition is Low (Less than 40%).

The number is less than 20 greater than 40 is not divisible by 2 3 or 7 is not a prime number the sum is not 8?

No number is less than 20 and greater than 40, but if you switch them around, your answer is 25.

Forty is 40 percent less than what number?


What is the biggest prime number less than 40?


What is the largest prime number less than 40?


What number has 9 divisors that are less than 40?


What number is 40 less than 567?

527 of course !

What is the greatest prime number less than 40?

It is: 37

What are the prime numbers less than 30 to the composite number less than 40?

It is a ratio of 5:13

Twice a number less than 60 is the same as 40?

2 x 20 = 40

Nine less than three times a number is zero?


What is the number described by all the clues belowthe number is not less than 20 the number is not greater than 40 the number is not divisible by 2 3 or 7 the number is not a prime number?

25 is the number not less than 20, not greater than 40, not divisible by 2 3 or 7, and not a prime number.

Is the number 40 a perfect square?


You are a two-digit number you have fewer tens than ones the number of ones is less than 5 you are less than 40?

34,24,23,14,13, or even 12.

What is a number that is greater than 12 but less than 40 with three factors?


Composite number greater than 40 but less than 50?

45 is one of them

Is 40 a perfect number?

No - forty is not a perfect number. A perfect number is a number equal to the sum of all its factors apart from itself. The closest perfect numbers to 40 in each direction are: lower: 28 higher: 496

What number has exactly 3 factors and is less than 40 but more than 12?


Greater than 15 and less than 40?

It could be any number from 16 to 39.

What number is greater than 12 and less than 40 and only has three factors?