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All positive integers less than or equal to 39 are whole numbers less than 40.

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2011-04-26 01:43:39
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Q: What is a whole number less than 40?
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How do you write 40 hundredths as a whole number?

The absolute value of 40 hundredths is less than one and so you cannot write it as a whole number.

How do you convert 40 percent into whole number?

The smallest whole number is ' 1 '. 40% means 0.4, and that's a lot less than 1 . Nothing you can do to 0.4 can make a whole number out of it. 40% doesn't have what it takes to be even the smallest whole number.

How do you Estimate 40.065.23 to the nearest whole number?

It is: 40 because .0 is less than .5

Is 4 over 10 a whole number?

No, it is a fraction. It is four tenths which would also be 40%, so it is less than one and not a whole number.

When A number is less than but more than 40 . it is divisible by 4 and when added to 19 what will be the resulting answer?

A number cannot be "less than but more than 40".

What number is forty less than eigthy?

The number is 40

What is 20 less than 2 times a number is 40?

20 less than 2 times a number is 40 = 2x - 20 = 40Let x = the number2 times a number = 2x20 less than = - 20is 40: =40Translating it into mathematical symbols :2x - 20 = 40

A even number less than 40?


The number is less than 20 greater than 40 is not divisible by 2 3 or 7 is not a prime number the sum is not 8?

No number is less than 20 and greater than 40, but if you switch them around, your answer is 25.

Is the number 40 prime or composite number?

A prime number is a whole number that cannot be divided evenly by any other positive whole number except 1 and itself. Can you think of a whole number you can divide 40 by other than 40 or 1? If so, it is not a prime number.

Forty is 40 percent less than what number?


What is the largest prime number less than 40?


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