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do you know that there is 2 wide and long in a square?

then, you need to do addition of 45+555, and then you need multiplication of the answer of last addition.

the equation will be:

2(45+555) =2×600=1200

Ans 1200m

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Q: What is the perimeter of a 45m wide and 555 m long building?
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What is the perimeter of an oblong building 50m by 45m?

It is: 50+45+50+45 = 190m

What is the perimeter of a rectangle 40mx5m?

Perimeter = 2*(40m + 5m) = 2*45m = 90m

What is a perimeter of a rectangle 40mx5m?

Perimeter = 2*(40m + 5m) = 2*45m = 90m

What is the perimeter of oblong shape 45m by 55m?

(45 + 55) x 2 ie 200 m

What is the perimeter of a rectangular office 25m by 45m?

It is 2*(25 + 45) = 2*70 = 140 metres.

A pool is 50m long and 25m wide A fence is built parallel to the pool and 10m from each side What is the perimeter of the fence?

If the fence is parallel and extends 10m from each end of the length of the pool, add 20m to the length of the pool to find the length of the fence; find the width of the fence in the same manner. Hence, 50 + 20 = 70m (length of fence); 25 + 20 = 45m (width of fence). 2(L + W) = Perimeter, so 2 x 115m = 230m perimeter

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In English football pitches are not all the same size. They have to measure between 90m and 120m long and between 45m and 90m wide. If you mean US football I don't know.

What is the greatest common factor of 15m2n and 45m?

The GCF is 15m.

What does 45M mean 45000?

45m means 45 million so 45,000,000 45000 is 45k

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How do you find the perimeter of a triangle if 10m and 25m are the given sides?

The lengths of two sides are not enough to determine the perimeter of a triangle: Either the third side or else the angle between the two given sides is also needed. If two of the sides are 10m and 25m, then the third side can be anything between 15m and 35m, and the perimeter can be anything between 45m and 70m.