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the medial triangle is 1/2 the perimeter of the original triangle and has 1/4 the area of the original triangle

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Q: What is the perimeter of a medial triangle compared to the original?
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Is the nose medial to the cheekbones?

Yes, the nose is medial to the cheekbones. The nose is toward the midline as compared to the cheekbones. Lateral is away from midline (opposite of medial.)

Is the ulna medial or lateral compared to the radius?

In anatomical position (palms facing outward) the ulna is medial to the radius.

Is the ring finger medial or lateral or intermediate to the bladder?

The ring finger is a medial structure compared to the bladder. The bladder lies in the body's midline.

Which one in on the inside of the knee the medial or the lateral?

A structure on the inside of the knee will be medial compared to a structure on the outside. For example, the medial condyles of the knee are closer to the body's midline than the lateral condyles.

Is the toes lateral compared with the knees?

The toes are distal to the knees. The toes can't be compared to the knees in terms of lateral and medial.

Is the ulna medial or lateral compared with the radius?

The ulna is medial to the radius. It's important to remember anatomical position when thinking about the directionals for the bones of the upper limb.

Is the ankle lateral to the toes?

The ankle is proximal to the toes. The ankle can't be compared to the toes in terms of lateral and medial.

Is the nose lateral to the cheekbones?

medial: towards the midline (ear to nose) lateral: away from the midline (nose to ear) nose is midline, cheekbone is away from midline Answer: No, the nose is towards the midline as compared to the cheekbones. It is medial.

What are the borders that form the suboccipital triangle?

The borders of the suboccipital triangle are as follows:* inferior border = Obliquus Capitis Inferior * medial border = Rectus Capitis Major * lateralborder = Obliquus Capitis Superior

How can you use medial in a sentence?

"di' is the medial syllable in medial.

How do you tell whether something is medial or lateral?

A medial structure is closer to the midline of the body or lies in the midline of the body. A lateral structure is on the sides of the body, or closer to the sides than some other structure to which it's being compared.

What are the borders of the femoral triangle?

femoral triangle is a triangular depression in front of the thigh. boundaries: medial border- medial border of the adductor longus muscle. lateral border- medial border of the sartorius muscle. base - inguinal ligament. apex- sartorius overlapping the adductor longus muscle. apex lies 10cm below the inguinal ligament. roof - skin, superficial fascia, superficial inguinal lymph nodes, superficial veins, fascia lata. floor- lateral to medial side, the floor is formed by the muscles namely illiacus, psoas major, pectineus, adductor longus.

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