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All the sides of a rhombus are equal and perimeter of a rhombus is equal to four times the side.

Perimeter = 4 x 17 units = 68 units

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Q: What is the perimeter of a rhombus with 1 side measuring 17?
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What is a perimeter of a square with 17 cm sides?

If each side of the square is 17 cm then its perimeter is 4*17 = 68 cm

What is the perimeter of a square with the area of 289 sq cm?

Area = 289 sq cm so length of side = sqrt(289) = 17 cm Then perimeter = 4*side = 4*17 = 68 cm

How do you find the perimeter of a rectangle with side lengths of 17 in and 24 in?

2l + 2w = 82 in.

What is the perimeter of a small square if the perimeter is 17?

Exactly as in the question its perimeter is 17 units of measurement

What is the perimeter of a regular pentagon with a length of 17 cm?

A pentagon has 5 sides A regular pentagon has all sides equal → perimeter of regular pentagon with side 17 cm = 5 × 17 cm = 85 cm

What'sthe perimeter of a square with 17 cm sides?

Perimeter of the square: 17+17+17+17 = 68 cm

What would the perimeter of a regular pentagon with one side mesuring 17 inches be?

17X5=85 85"

What is the perimeter if it is 38 long and 17 wide?

Perimeter = 38+17+38+17 = 110 units of measurement

Rectangle has whole number side lengths the length of the rectangle is tripled and the width is doubled The new area is 204 cm squared. The new perimeter is 110 cm. What was the old perimeter?

the old perimeter is 17 * 2 The old perimeter = 38

What is the area of a triangle with sides measuring 26 inches 26 inches and 17 inches?

A triangle with side a: 26, side b: 26, and side c: 17 inches has an area of 208.86 square inches.

What is the perimeter of 17 acres in miles?

The perimeter of a 17-acre square lot is 0.65 miles (3,442.14 feet).

What is the perimeter of rectangle by 24 long and 17meters?

Perimeter of rectangle: 24+17+24+17 = 82 meters

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