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It is the total length of its boundary. There is no need for the boundary to be made up of straight lines or even smooth curves. However, fractals do cause problems.

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Q: What is the perimeter of a shape that is odd shaped?
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How do you find the perimeter of an odd shape?

All you do is add up all the sides to find the perimeter even though it is a odd shape

How do you find the perimeter of units of an odd shape?

Just add up all of the sides :)

What type of galaxy has an odd shape that is not oval or pinwheel shaped?

An hourglass is another example of a shape galaxies may form in.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle shaped acre?

The perimeter of any shape cannot be calculated without knowing its dimensions. The perimeter of a rectangle with an area of one acre can vary from 254.5 metres to infinity.

Can the perimeter of a triangle be odd?

Yes, it can because say its 3.5,3.5, and 2. Then the perimeter is 9 and 9 is odd. Also even 7, 7, and 7 are 21 and that's odd. All odd numbers will make the perimeter odd. :)

How do you figure out perimeter math problems?

the perimeter is the distance around an object you add up the sides unless it is an odd shape than you could use a string and then measure that

What is a perimieter?

perimeter is when you have a shape and then you have your area and that is what is in the middle of the shape and perimeter is the edge of the shape.

What is the shape of the hickory leaf?

An odd shaped leaf, with many tips, size depends on the age of the tree which it came from

Can a perimeter be an odd number?

Yes, it can.

Is perimeter the inside?

Perimeter is the outside of a shape

What is another name for a French fur trapper?

it i an odd shaped cion it i an odd shaped cion

What does perimeter go by?

for a 4 sided shape... w+w+L+L=perimeter perimeter is the outside of a shape. add all of the sides to get the perimeter.

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