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26 feet (4 sides x 6.5 = 26)

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Q: What is the perimeter of a square that is six and a half feet?
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If a rectangle has a perimeter of thirty six feet and its four feet wide what is the area?

56 square feet 56 square feet

How big is six square feet?

Six square feet.

The number of square feet in six square yards?

There are 54 square feet in six square yards. (square feet divided by 9 = square yards)

If the diagonal of a square is fifty-six centimeters then what is the perimeter?

Given a 56 cm diagonal, the square will have a perimeter of 158.4 cm

What is the perimeter of a square thirty six centimeter square?

Area = 6*6 = 36 square cm Perimeter = 4*6 = 24 cm

12 inches by 72 inches equals how many square feet?

Six square feet Six square feet

If you have an area that is thirthy-six square meters what is the perimeter?

24 meters.

A regular octagon has a perimeter of fifty-six feet What is the length of each side?

7 feet

How many inches in half feet?

Six inches make half feet.

Number of square feet in six square yards?

6 (square yards) = 54 square feet

How long is a gray wolf?

Males are typically six to six and a half feet long, and females are five feet to five and a half feet long.

What is the length of the sides of a hexagons sides with a perimeter of fifty-six feet?

9 feet, 4 inches

How many square feet are in six square yards?


What does 6 square mean and what is the anwnser?

Six square in construction terms means six hundred square feet. A square is a 10x10 area, or 100 square feet. Hope that helps.

What is 6 square meters in feet?

Square meters is a measure of area and must be expressed in square feet, not simply feet. Six square meters is 64.6 square feet

How much is 78 in in feet?

Six and a half

What is the area of a square formed by six rectangles, given that the total perimeter of the six rectangles is 330 cm?


What would the length be of a rectangle that length was six feet and width was 4 feet?

6 feet... area 24 perimeter 20

How tall is an ostrich?

The average male ostrich is six to nine feet tall. Females about five and a half to six and a half feet tall.

What is 2 feet by 3 feet long?

That would be six square feet.

What is 6 square meters?

Six square meters is 64.58 square feet.

If each side of a hexagon is 1 foot long what is the perimeter?

six feet long

What is half of 13.5 feet?

6.75 six feet nine inches


Multiply the width by the length. If the closet is 3 feet by six feet, you have 18 square feet.

How many feet in six tenths of acre?

26,136 square feet.