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point of concurrency

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Q: What is the point of intersection of concurrent lines called?
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What are concurrent lines?

They are lines with a common point of intersection. <3

What do you call the point of intersection of three concurrent lines?

the point of concurrency

What is the point of intersection between two lines called?

The point of intersection.

Point intersection and a point concurrency?

Point of intersection is where the point where 2 lines or a line and a plane meet, or in a 3-dimensional space three planes meet, or any other graphs that intersect in a point.Point of concurrency is the intersection point of concurrent lines.In geometry, two or more lines are said to be concurrent if they all pass through a single point.For example, the perpendiculars bisectors of the sides of a triangle are concurrent and they meet at the point of concurrency.So point of intersection may be the same as point of concurrency, but when it comes to examples other than lines, point of intersection is often used. When it comes to just lines, either one is ok.

What is a non concurrent force?

Non concurrent forces are those forces that do not have a common point of intersection and act along different lines of action.

What is lines that meet at a point called?

an intersection

What are three or more lines that intersect at a common point called?

concurrent lines

What is the place where two lines cross or intersect?

It is usually called an intersection or an intersection point.

What is it called when lines form right angles at the point of intersection are what lines?

The lines are called perpendicular lines.

What is it called where graph lines meet?

A point of intersection.

What lines share a common point?

Lines that share a common point are called an intersection, or intersecting lines.

Lines that form right angles at the point of intersection are lines?

they are called perpendicular lines!!

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