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They are the end points.

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Q: What is the points where the line segment ends?
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The points where a line segment begins and ends are the what?

end points

What are the points where a line segment begins and ends are?

end points

Does a line segment end?

Yes. A line segment is a line with two points at both ends of it.

Can a ray be a line segment?

No. A ray is infinite on one side and ends at a point at the other. A line segment ends in two points. A ray can contain a line segment, as the distance between any two given points on the ray is a line segment.

What is a line in geometry?

the line in geometry is a line segment that never ends

What makes a line a line?

A line is a straight path connecting two points and continuing on in both directions past the points. If it starts and ends only at the points then it is a line segment.

Does it take 2 points to define a line segment?

Yes it does, because of its 2 ends

Is a line has two end points?

No. Technically, a "line" has no ends, and goes on forever in both directions. A "line segment" has two end points, and a definite length.

What does line of segment?

A line segment has end points

How is a line segment different thin a line?

A line segment has ends. A line doesn't.

What are the two specific points of a line segment?

Any line segment has infinitely many points and each one of them is specific to that line segment.

What is a line segment?

A line segment is a straight line that has endpoints.