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The mechanical power of the human heart is ~1.3 watts. It takes a much higher rate of energy turnover (~13 watts) to provide this mechanical power, since the mechanical efficiency of the heart is very low (less than 10%).

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Q: What is the power output of the human heart?
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Why is a power supply like a human heart?

A power supply is not like a human heart.

What is the volume of blood in the human heart?

About 100 ml, or half a cup.

How does human power output compare to the power output of a 60-Watt light bulb?

About the same for moderate work. Labourers can manage 100 watts continuously, while a horse-power is 746 watts.

How much percent of blood does the kidney receive?

In the typical human - the kidneys receive about 20% of the total output from the heart.

How much power would the human heart generate hydroelectrically?

about 1 watt

If you do work on an object in half the time, your power output is?

If you do work on an object in half the your power output is

How do you find power input with given power factor and power output?

Output Power divided by Power Factor.

What does cardiac output do if the heart rate decreases?

Cardiac output = heart rate X stroke volume Thus, if the heart rate decreases so will the cardiac output, assuming the stroke volume is constant.

What difference between RF power output watt and electrical power output watt?

The difference is in the output frequency.

Can A Computer Output Electricity In Computercraft you can say if true output power on this side Can you say in a program to output power say to light a light So if true then output power to led's?

A Computer Output Electricity in Computercraft cannot be said to make a program to output power, regardless of the side.

How does force affect power output?

Force affects the speed of power output. If the driving force is slow, the speed of power output will also be sluggish. Alternatively, if the driving force is fast, power output will be able to match the speed.

What is cardiac-output?

Cardiac output is the volume of blood the heart pumps within one minute. Cardiac output (CO) is equal to the stroke volume (SV) of the heart multiplied by the heart rate (HR). Thus, cardiac output is given by the equation: CO=HR X SV.