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to solve the problems

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Q: What is the practical application of analytic geometry in physics?
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Application of elasticity in physics?

practical applications of elasticity

What are the practical applications of physics in everyday life?

An automobile is a practical application of physics in every day life. Walking and using a skateboard are also practical applications of physics.

Do I have a chance in physics chemistry and engineering if I'm good at math?

Yes. In fact you need to be very good at mathematics. Both physics and engineering (the practical application of, primarily, physics) are essentially mathematical.

What is geometry vital for?

engineering and physics.

What has the author Roberto Torretti written?

Roberto Torretti has written: 'The Philosophy of Physics (The Evolution of Modern Philosophy)' 'Relativity and geometry' -- subject(s): Differential Geometry, Geometry, Geometry, Differential, Philosophy, Relativity (Physics)

What is the meaning of pure physics?

the gathering of physics related information that adds to the knowledge of human body. Not directly concerned with the practical use and application of the information branches of pure physics bio-physics, cryogenics, electricity, electronics, magnetism, geo-physics, mathematical, mechanics, sound, nuclear physics, quantum physics, plasma physics, particle physics, statistical and thermodynamics.

What is the value of di?

If you mean 'pi,' the value of pi necessary for almost all practical mathematics is: 3.14159265 Further than that is only necessary for very delicate geometry and physics.

What has the author C Zwikker written?

C. Zwikker has written: 'Technische physik der werkstoffe' -- subject(s): Materials, Mathematical physics, Nuclear physics, Physics 'The advanced geometry of plane curves and their applications' -- subject(s): Curves, Plane Geometry 'Advanced plane geometry' -- subject(s): Plane Geometry

Trace the history of geometry or tell something about the development of geometry?

The Development of Analytic Geometry Overview The fundamental idea of analytic geometry, the representation of curved lines by algebraic equations relating two variables, was developed in the seventeenth century by two French scholars, Pierre de Fermat and René Descartes. Their invention followed the modernization of algebra and algebraic notation by François Viète and provided the essential framework for the calculus of Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz. The calculus, in turn, would become an indispensable mathematical tool in the development of physics, astronomy, and engineering over the next two centuries.

Generally speaking medical physics is the application of what?

Medical physics is the use of physics in medicine. One of the best examples of the application of physics to medicine is the use of magnetic resonance in an MRI scan.

Relation between physics and engineering?

Engineering can be thought of as the application of physics.

What is the application of physics in mathematics?

there is none

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