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Actually, it had an estimated cost of 300 million dollars (2005).

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Q: What is the price of a Antonov 225?
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Who invented antonov 225?

antonov airlines

What is bigger the Antonov 225 or the Buluga aircraft?

The Antonov An-225 by far.

Where can one find information about the Antonov 225?

One may find out information about the Antonov 225 via the 'Airlines' website, from watching YouTube videos posted on the Youtube website or by visiting the Wikipedia page for Antonov 225.

Who is biggest antonov 225 or airbus a380?

antonov 225 all the way! 6 engines whereas the a380 only has 4 use this asreferance

Where do you download the Antonov 225 for Microsoft Flight Simulator X?

The download for the Antonov 225 for Microsoft Flight Simulator X is is in the link below this question.

Which is the biggest flight?

Its Antonov 225...

How many antonov 225 are there?


How many antonov 225's were there manufactured?

Wikipedia: "The first An-225 was completed in 1988 and a second An-225 has been partially completed. The one An-225 is in commercial operation with the Antonov Airlines carrying over-sized payloads."

What is the largest plane in the world?

antonov an-225

The biggest airplane?

Antonov 225 Myria

Which is the biggest plane on the earth?

The Antonov An-225

What is the world's largest aeroplane?

Antonov An-225.

What is the biggest plane today?

The Antonov An-225

What is the biggest cargo plane?

Antonov 225

What is the world's best plane?

the antonov 225

How old is the antonov 225?

"The An-225 first flew on 21 December 1988." -wiki

Which countries own an Antonov AN-225 airplane?

Antonov Airlines in the Ukraine has the only one they've ever made.

What jet is the biggest plane in the world?

Antonov 225

The biggest airplane in the world?

That would be the Antonov An-225.

What is the worlds largest cargo plane?

antonov 225

What is the worlds largest military plane?

Antonov An-225

How many Antonov An-225 Mriya were built?


What is the name of the world's largest plane?

Antonov An - 225

What is the fuel consumption of an Antonov 225?

An Antonov 225 is a kind of cargo aircraft. It burns a lot of fuel, with its fuel consumption being around 300,000 kg of fuel per 45,000 km.

What is bigger a Antonov An-225 or airbus a380?

The Antanov An-225 is bigger than the Airbus A380.