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Q: What is the probability based on observations called?
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What is probability that is based on data?

It is called 'Experimental Probability'.

What is called probability that is based on repeated trials of an experiment?

Experimental probability.

What is prior probability?

Prior probability is the probability that is assessed before reference is made to relevant observations.

What is An explanation of observations or events based on knowledge gained from many observations and investigations is called an?

A "Theory".

What is a logical cunclusion based on observations called?

it is called an inference

A tentative explanation of a phenomena based on observations is called a?


What is a tentartive explanation of a phenomenon based on observations called?


A probability based upon an event that has all ready ocured?

this is called a a posteriori probability. based on some evidence, you are trying to estimate the likelyhood of the hypothesis.

Studies based on interpretive observations not statistical analysis are called?

Qualitative studies

What is the word for a guess about a pattern or relationship based on observations?

This would be called a hypothesis.

To look at known values and make an estimation based on observations is called what?


What do I call a probability that is based upon an event that has already occurred?

It can be called a "conditional probability", but the word "conditional" is irrelevant if the two events are independent.