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Q: What is the probability of a couple having a child who is a tongue roller?
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What are the chances of having kids that can roll their tongue if a heterozygous tongue roller has kids with someone who cannot roll?


What is the probability of the same two individuals having a child who can roll their tongue?

If the individuals can't roll their tongue, then the child won't be able to roll it's tongue. If they can roll their tongue, then the child will be able to roll it's tongue. it just depends.

What is the letter form in dominant and recessive trait?

It depends on what your trait is. Let's say that your trait was tongue roller. Rolling your tongue is dominant over non-tongue rollers so we would use R for Rolling your tongue. For the recessive trait, non-tongue roller, we use the same letter as the dominant trait except it is lowercase. So non-tongue roller would be r.

What is a genetic tongue roller?

Some people can roll their tongues up into tubular shapes; this is the result of genetics, so a person who can do this can be called a genetic tongue roller (not that there is any important reason to roll up your tongue).

Is it normall after having your tongue pierced for it to be white?

Yes it's normal discharge and will go away in a couple of days.

When a tongue rolling man has a baby to a non tongue rolling women all the babies are tongue rollers explain why this occurs?

Tongue rolling is homozygous dominant and all issue from this pairing will be tongue rollers. This is the only result that is allowable with a standard Punnett square or branch diagram representation. T = tongue roller t = non-tongue roller TT X tt = 4 Tt ======With tongue rolling expressed.

What is the probability of the offspring inheriting the tongue rolling gene?


Can 2 flat tongued parents can produce a tongue roller?


What is meant by having a sandpaper tongue?

dry/rough tongue......

Why do snakes have a pointy tongue?

Because they feel like having a long tongue.

Does a tongue piercing close up?

Yes. After a couple hours.

What hurts the most nose or tongue piercing?

My nose hurt worse then my tongue. However, the first week of having your tongue pierced sucks!