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depends what you belive.

if you are christian we are all elated.

also the person. these are factors

a) country

b) skin color

c) parents and other relitives

d) where you both live

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Q: What is the probability of being related to someone?
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How is probability related to genetics?

Probability and genetics go hand in hand. Mendel in his charts showed the probability of dominant and recessive genes being passed on to offspring. The desired trait could be cultivated knowing the probability of inheritance.

How do you find the probability of a random point being chosen in a shaded region in a circle?

The probability of a single point being chosen is 0.The probability of a single point being chosen is 0.The probability of a single point being chosen is 0.The probability of a single point being chosen is 0.

How is probability related to statistics?

Probability is related to statistics in a direct manner. When one is doing a research for statistics, probability has to be used especially in sampling a small region.

How to calculate empirical probability?

Bayesian probability ; see related link .

How are probability and statistics related?

Probability is the theoretical basis that underpins statistics.

What is Probability and how is it related to design?

probability is the chance or likely hood that something will occur

How are probability and genetics related?


If the probability of getting identical is 0.004 while the probability of fraternal twins is 0.023 then what is the probability that a person chosen at random will not be a twin?

1- P(identical) - P(fraternal) =1-0.004-0.023 =0.973 The probability of being a identical or fraternal twin plus the probability of not being a twin has to add to 1. so 1- probability of being twins=probability of not being a twin ;-)

How do you turn probability into a fraction?

An empirical estimate of the probability of an event is the ratio of the number of succesful outcomes to the total number of trials. By definition, the ratio is a fraction. However, there are many events for which the theoretical probability is related to irrational numbers. For example, it you randomly drop a pin on a floor of wooden boards, the probability that the pencil lies across a lateral join is related to pi. Being irrational, this cannot be expressed as a fraction.

How is the term probability related to genetics?

The term probability is related to genetics because they both give guesses about how something that might be the outcome of something

How are angles trajectories and probability related to basketball?

how is basketball related to math?

What is a probability of a not event?

Can someone please answer this