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Q: How are angles trajectories and probability related to basketball?
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How is basketball related to math?

wow great question, well for sure that i know basketball has alot to do with math, well, it has everything to do with math. the angles and the height of basketball player the strength used to throw the ball and pretty much everything else. Also, it has to do a to with angles

What is orthogonal trajectories?

Two curves which intersect at right angles, ( the angle between the two tangents to the curve) curves at the point of intersection are called orthogonal trajectories. The product of the slopes of the two tangents is -1.

Probability of 2 consecutive angles of a square being congruent?

As all the angles in a square measure 90°, the probability of 2 consecutive angles being congruent is 1.

What is the probability of 2 randomly chosen angles of a square being congruent?

As all the angles in a square measure 90°, the probability of 2 randomly chosen angles being congruent is 1.

Which sports have angles associated?

Basketball, golf

What physics are involved in shooting a basketball?

angles and degree

When light is reflected how are the angles of incidence and the angles of reflection related?

The angle of incidence and the angle of reflection are related in the sense that the two angles are always the same. They are always equal.

How are vertical and complementary angles related?

Vertical angles can be complimentary, i.e. when both of the angles are measured 45 degrees.

How are the measure of the angles related when parallel lines are cut by a transversal?

corresponding angles are equal and alternate angles are equal

Can you name 2 basketball teams?

Mephis grizzlies and the Los angles clippers

What cities in the us have more than one basketball team?

Los Angles

What is supplementary angles in geometry?

Supplementary angles are any angles in which their degrees add to a sum of 180o. In the related links you will find an example of Supplementary angles.

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