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Q: What is the product of abscissa and ordinate is ten?
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How do you solve for the abscissa in a unit circle if the ordinate is given?

abscissa = sqrt[1 - square of the ordinate]

What represents Twice the abscissa increased by three times the ordinate is ten?


What is an ordinate counterpart called?


How do you explain abscissa and ordinate?

The vertical axis of a graph is known as the ordinate and the horizontal axis of a graph is known as the abscissa. So commonly when talking about (x,y) as a point on the graph, we refer to x value as the abscissa and y value as the ordinate.

The numebers in an ordered pair?

The abscissa and the ordinate.

What are the x and y coordinates?

abscissa and ordinate

If the abscissa is negative and the ordinate is positive?


A point having a negative abscissa and negative ordinate is in quadrant?

Coordinate is the common name. Abscissa is used for the information along the X-axis. Ordinate is used for the information along Y-axis. So abscissa is the x co-ordinate, and ordinate is the y co-ordinate. As they are both negative, then the point must be located in the third quadrant.

What is the difference between the abscissa and the ordinate in a graph?

The abscissa is the x or horizontal coordinate. The ordinate is the y or vertical coordinate. I remember them because they are both alphabetical.

Is the x axis the same as the ordinate?

No the x axis is the abscissa and the y axis the ordinate.

What does x and y- coordinate mean?

x is abscissa and y is ordinate in co ordinate geomentry

What is an ordinate in math?

An ordinate is the "y" co-ordinate of an ordered pair. e.g. in (3,4), 4 is the ordinate. If you are interested the "x" part is called the abscissa.