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eight squared=64 eight to the negative tenth power= the tenth root of 8 if multiplied together= the eighth root of 8

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Q: What is the product of eight squared and eight to the negative tenth power?
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What is negative 3 to the 2nd power?

9. Any negative number squared is positive.

Which is greater 2 to the power of 4 or 8 to the power of 2?

"2 to the power of 4" is written "two to the fourth power", and "8 to the power of 2" is known as "eight squared". And, eight squared is greater than two to the fourth power. Eight squared is 64, and two to the fourth power is 16.

What is The cube root of x to the sixth power times y to the negative 4 power?

x squared times y to the negative four thirds power

3x squared in parentheses to the negative 2nd power?

That is 1/9x2

Negative eight plus two times four to the second power?

negative eight plus two times four to the second power

What is the meaning of special product in college algebra?

As an example, the product of (a + b) (a - b) is equal to a squared - b squared."Special product" simply means that there are special cases, when multiplying polynomials, that are worth memorizing. For example, if you know the above, then you can easily start factoring any expression that contains the difference of two perfect squares - for example, x squared minus 1, a to the power 6 minus b to the power 4, or even - if you start using complex numbers - a squared + b squared = a squared - (-1) b squared.

Write eight squared as a power?

Eight with a little eight above? 8* (Imagine the asterisk being an 8)

What is the difference between parenthese negative eight to the fifth power and negative eight to the fifth power?

No difference. (-8)5 = (-85) = -85

The product of two squared and two to the sixth power?

Two to the eighth power (you add exponents to multiply).

What is negative 1 to the 2nd power?

It remains as -1 -1 squared or -1 x -1 = 1

What is negative one twelth to the second power?

The sum of all the natural numbers squared.

How do you write the power as a product of the same factor for 11 squared?

11 x 11

When 6.02 x 10 to the 23 power is multiplied by 9.1 x 10 to the negative 31 power the product is?

5.478 to negative 7 power

What is 5 to the negative power squared?

25 If you mean 5-1 the answer is .2 or 1/5

Eight to the negative third power simplified?


Why is -2 squared - 4?


What is y squared times y to the negative 5 power without using negative exponents?

y2 * y-5 = y2 / y5 = 1/y3

Is index the same as squared?

No. The power 2, which denotes squared, is one of an infinite number of possible values for the index. Indices (or powers) can be negative, fractional, irrational or even complex.

What is r to the fourth divided by r to the sixth?

It is 1 over r squared, or r to the negative second power.

What is negative eight to the second power?

-8^2 is equal to 64.

How is the product of 3.25 times 10 to the 3rd power and 6.1 times 10 to the negative 1 power expressed in scientific notation?

The product of 3.25 times 10 to the 3rd power x 6.1 times 10 to the negative 1 power, expressed in scientific notation, is: 3.25061 × 103

What do you call a product of a number multiplied by itself?

It'd be the product squared, since you're multiplying it by itself. the product of a number multiplied by itself is called an Exponent, Power or Square Number

How do you express 64 as a power of 8?

82 = 64 To be read as "Eight squared equals sixty-four".

What is the product of multiplying 2.5 times 10 to the 10Th power by 3.5 times 10 to the negative 7Th power?

The product is 8,750 or 8.75 × 103

How do you identify the base and exponent in the expression negative eight to the fifteenth power?

negative 8 would be the base and the 15 would be the exponent