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Identity Property.

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Q: What is the proerty of addition of 5 plus 0 equals 5?
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What is the property of -10 plus 0 equals -10?

It is the property that 0 is the identity for addition.

What property of addition is involved in 4 plus 0 equals 4?

Identity Property of Addition

Which property is demonstrated by this problem 39 plus 0 equals 0 plus 39?

The commutative property of addition.

What property is 0 plus b equals b?

0 is the identity element with regard to addition.

Does 0 plus 0 equals 472?

Do the addition on a calculator, then see whether it is, or isn't, equal.

What property is 6 plus 0 equals 6?

identity property of addition

Which property does 48 plus 0 equals 48 belong to?

Property of addition.

What is the property of 8 plus 0 equals 8?

The Zero Property of Addition

What is the property of -8 plus 8 equals 0?

the inverse property of addition

Is 7 plus 0 equals 7 a zero property for addition?

That is correct!

What is the property of 8.2 plus -8.2 equals 0?

inverse property of addition

What does 0 plus x plus y equals x plus y equal?

That's the identity property of addition. Anything plus zero equals what you started out with.

What is the property of 7 plus 0 equals 7?

Zero is the identity under addition.

Is 31 plus 0 equals 31 is an example of what property?

identity property of addition stupid

What property is ilustrated by the the fact that 61 plus 0 equals 61?

The Identity Property of Addition

What property is be illustrated in the equation -12 plus 12 equals 0?

It is the Zero Property of Addition.

X plus 0 equals x is what property?

It defines 0 as the identity in the group of numbers with respect to addition.

What property is 0 plus 7.5 equals 7.5?

The property is identity property of addition. This property states that any number plus 0 equals that number. identity property of multiplication states that any number times 1 equals that number.

What addition property is illustrated by the statement 0 plus 3 equals 3?

It is the additive identity property of zero. For any value, a + 0 = a.

CAN 0 plus equals B plus equals B?

Yes because if 1+0=1 than 0 plus b equals b

What plus 5 equals 0?

I would think -5 plus 5 equals 0.

0 plus 0 equals 100?


What is the answer to A plus B plus C equals A times B equals C?

A=0 b=0 c=0

Does 0 plus 0 equals 77?

No 0+0 = 0

What does zero property for addition mean?

any number plus 0 equals the previously said number 20+0=20 demonstrates the zero property