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Q: What is the property you would use to solve a subtraction equation?
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Which property of equality is used to solve the equation k - 21 equals -11?


Why would you use addition to solve a subtraction equation?

because you undo the operation in the equation= to undo subtraction you add

Which property of equality would you use to slove the equation 14x equals 35?

The subtraction of equality.

What property is used to solve the equation x 512?

A proper question would help.

Which property of equality would you use to solve the equation 14x35?

If you mean: 14x = 35 then the value of x is 2.5

What property of equality would be used to solve the equation -3x equals 252?

The multiplicative property of equality. Multiply each side by -1/3.

What are the steps for solving a equations?

To solve an equation you would have to follow P.E.M.D.A.S. which leads to the answer. P- parenthesis E- exponents M-multiplication D-division A-addiction S-subtraction

What property of inequality would you use to solve the equation 14x equals 35?

None. Properties of inequalities are not that relevant when solving equalities.

What does the variable represent in an addition or subtraction expression?

it is the number you would use to solve the problem

Which property would you use to solve y 12 -8?

Solving implies you are talking about an equation. Equations must have equal marks in them somewhere. If you mean y + 12 = -8then subtract 8 from both sides of the equation ( or if your teacher is really strict you will be told to add -12 to both sides of the equation, but the same thing happens)y + 12 - 12 = -8 - 12, then on the left and right simplify toy = -20This is called the subtraction property of equality (if you subtract 12) or the addition property of equality (if you add -12)

Which property would you use to solve the equation 3z equals 0.45 for z?

If: 3z = 0.45 Then: z = 0.15 by dividing both sides by 3

Why would you want to simplify an algebraic equation?

Simplifying an equation often helps solve it.

What Property of Equality would be best to use first to solve the equation 7s -426 for s?


Which equation would you use to solve the following word problem?

There was no word problem, so it would be a null equation.

Solve the equation 7x 42 what is X?

if the equation was 7x = 42. The answer would be x = 6

How do you solve an equation with a variable that is a fraction?

You solve the equation the same way as you would any other equation. Whether the variable is a fraction or otherwise will only become clear once you solve the equation. In other words, you don't initially KNOW whether the solution will be a fraction or not.

What property allows the grouping of numbers in parentheses to change without changing the answer?

That would be the associative property. The associative property applies to addition and multiplication, but not to subtraction or division.

What is the quadratic equation used for?

It is used to solve quadratic equations that cannot be factored. Usually you would factor a quadratic equation, identify the critical values and solve, but when you cannot factor you utilize the quadratic equation.

How would solve n plus 412?

You cannot solve n + 412 because it is an expression NOT an equation (or inequality).

Is 7 divided by x equals x divided by 7 a commutative property associative property distributive property or none of these the equation is incorrect?

no the equation is not correct, the only way it would be correct is if x=7 which would be a commutative property

What is the first step in solving this equation by completing the square?

The first step would be to find the equation that you are trying to solve!

How would you solve x equals 2 to find the y intercept?

You would take 2 and replace it for x in your other equation and solve.

How would you solve this 9x - 3 6?

l9xl - 3 > 6 Is the equation.

How would you solve 6.30.13?

There is no equation (or inequality) in the question. Consequently there is nothing that can be solved.

What property would you use to solve m 6 -4?