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is this what you were looking for? there are many different types of quadratic formulas--

-b √ b^2 - 4ac = x



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Q: What is the quadradic radical equation?
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What is a quadradic equation?

Try the link. It will give you the basics.

How is a radical equation similar to a linear equation?

Technically,no. A radical equation has a radical (Square root) in it, and has two solutions because the square root can be positive or negative.

How do you know if a equation is a quadratic equation even if it's not in standard form?

You can tell that an equation is a quadradic equation as long a,b,c are within the equation. All you have to do is rearrange the order of the equation by subtracting or adding the sides to standard form. That was my question but I answered myself so I hope this helps y'all out and doesn't confuse y'all.

When solving a radical equation you should first isolate the radical and then both sides?

Radical...Apex :)

Where is the index in a radical equation?

the index in a radical equation appears above and left of the root symbol and tells you what kind of root the radicand is.

What is a radical equation?

A radical equation is an equation that contains a variable inside a radical, such as a square root or a cube root. Solving radical equations involves isolating the radical term and then squaring both sides of the equation to eliminate the radical. It is important to check for extraneous solutions when solving radical equations.

How do you solve a radical equation with a variable beside the number inside of the radical?

Square both sides of the equation to get rid of the radical sign. Then just solve as you normally would. Good luck! :-)

What is the difference between a radical equation and a quadratic equation?

radical equations have sq roots, cube roots etc. Quadratic equations have x2.

In general when solving a radical equation should you first isolate the radical and then both sides?

It often helps to isolate the radical, and then square both sides. Beware of extraneous solutions - the new equation may have solutions that are not part of the solutions of the original equation, so you definitely need to check any purported solutions with the original equation.

How do you simplify a radical equation?

When in doubt always square both sides of the equation.

What are the different steps in solvingradical equation?

The first step is produce the radical equation that needs solving.

What is an example radical equation of real life?

secret lang