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Radius of a circle is half its diameter, 1/2 of 5cm =2.5cm

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Q: What is the radius of a circle if its diameter id 5cm?
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How do find the radius of a circle with the given diameter?

well, the radius is half of the diameter, so if i were you id divide by two

What is the circumfrance of a circle if the radius id 15?

30 x 3.14 = 94.2

That id the tire's radius if circumference of tire is 150 inches?

C = pi * diameter Diameter = C / pi Diameter = 150 / 3.14 Diameter = 47.7 inches

How to calculation blank dia for dish head?

Formula to calculate the Blank Diameter: ID+ID/24+(2/3*KR)+2*SF Where, ID = Inner Diameter KR = Knuckle Radius(generally it will be taken 15% of ID) SF = Straight Face

What is diameter in math terms?

Wow i never thought id see this question here, well to start off Diameter like a 2 hr lecture in high school and i dont like that so ill give it to you short. Diameter the distance around a circle , multiplied by the radius. Hoped it Helped :)

What does the abbreviation OD mean?

it means outside diameter as opposed to id which is internal diameter

What is the area of the circle centered at(50) and passing through (00)?

Do you mean coordinates (5,0) and (0,0)? If so, the radius is 5 units and the area id (pi) *r^2=25*pi which is approx 78.5398 sq units.

How do you calculate the weight of a hollow steel cylindrical bushing?

Use the outside diameter to calculate the volume of the cylinder as if it was not hollow. 2*PI*R*L where PI = 3.14, R = radius = 1/2 of diameter, L = length or height Then calculate the volume of the cylinder represented by the void inside using the same formula. Subtract this from the first volume and thats your answer. You can also represent it in the form of OD (outside diameter) and ID (inside diameter) to get. 2*PI*L*(OD/2 - ID/2) where R is represented by half of the diameter in each case

What is Id versus od size in copper fittings?

id means inside diameter, od means outside diameter, copper pipe and tubing is measured by the od, therefore the od the pipe or tubing will be the same as the id of the fitting

How many feet are in a 6 feet circle?

id assume there are 6!

What is the diameter of an 8 inch pipe?

The inside diameter (ID) is 8 inches. The nominal pipe size (NPS) and outside diameter (OD) depend on the thickness of the walls of the pipe.

How can you calculate the weight of a ms hollow pipe 200mm ID 8 mm thickness length 1000 mm?

With the information given in the question you cannot. The volume of the pipe is pi(R2 - r2)*L where R = outer radius = outer diameter*0.5 = ID/2 + thickness = 108 mm r = inner radius = inner diameter*0.5 = ID/2 = 100 mm L = length = 1000 mm Next, to convert volume to mass, you need to multiply by the density. You then need to multiply the mass by the gravitational acceleration to convert to weight. If the mass is in kilograms, and the gravitational acceleration is in metres/second2 the result will be in Newtons, the SI unit for weight.

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