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Not all Olympic Swimming Pools are the same. So you need to know how much water you are going to need in the pool. Takes the length x width x by average depth x 9 Will tell you how many gallons you need. the rate of flow is based on time. If your pool is a million gallons and you need it full in 1 hour that is 1 million GPH (gallons per hour). Say you have 120 hours it will take 8333.GPH to fill. Kenny Kummer Brody Chemical

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Q: What is the rate of water flow per hour to fill an Olympic size pool?
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1.5 hours if the rate of flow is constant.

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How many hours will it take to fill a 36000 gallon pool?

Nobody can answer this until they know what rate water is entering into the pool. For example if water is entering the pool at 36000 gallons per hour then it will take one hour to fill

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They do not compare. Inches of water is a pressure measurement, GPM is a flow measurement.

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I fill my above the ground pool twice a week and run the garden hose for about a hour each time. I live in a hot climate and the water tends to evaporate pretty quickly.

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