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36 inches = 3 feet (36/12).

The ratio is therefore 4:3 (in lowest terms).

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Q: What is the ratio in lowest terms of 4ft to 36in?
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What is ration in lowest terms 4ft to 36 in?

48" : 36" each divided by 12 = 4 : 3 (the lowest term).

How many water in tank 4ft x 4ft x 4ft?

478.8 Gallon

4ft in inches?

4ft to inches is: 12x4= 48inches

What is the volume of a cube 4 feet length on a side?

4ft*4ft*4ft=64 cubic feet

What is 4ft 8in in centimeters?

4ft 8in converts to 218.4cm

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yes its 4ft 1 in

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3ft by 4ft

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no, 4ft equals 48in

How many centimeters in 4ft 8in?

There are 142.24 centimeters in 4ft 8in.

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1.26metres in feet and inches please?

4ft 1in 4ft 1 39/64in

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48 in is 4ft so it is just 2 inches shorter of 4ft

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No because 4ft 4in is equal to 52in

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60 inches is bigger. 60in = 5ft 48in=4ft

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The pad has a volume of 4.67 cubic feet.

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