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Some prisons over 300 to 1. Imagine that?

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Q: What is the ratio of guards to prisoners?
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How many prison guards usually work in a UK based prison?

It varies depending on the size of the facility. There are government guidelines for the ratio of guards to prisoners. The higher the capacity of the prison - the higher the number of guards required.

What did the guards order the prisoners to do in the book night?

The guards ordered the prisoners to go to an assembly in which prisoners told them that the germans would kill them so they should go back to their baracks

How did the prisoners escape Alcatraz?

dressed up as guards

Who to call when prisoners are being beaten by guards?

umm.. no one prisoners are being beaten because they did soemthing bad.l0l

What were pigeon roosts and what did the prison guards use them for?

Sentry boxes, or pigeon roosts, as the prisoners called them, stood at 30 yard intervals along the top of the stockade. From there the Sentries (guards) watched the prisoners.

What do the English prisoners do after the guards untie their hands when they first get to the islands?

they spank him

What do the English prisoners do after the guards untie their hands when they first get to the island?

they spank him

What was the Stanford prison experiement?

students acting like guards and prisoners

In the book 1984what is the number of the room where the guards take the prisoners?

Room 101

What did the prisoners of the prison ships call the guards garda etc?

The gardai are the Irish police.

Is the Stanford prison study what was it that caused the guards to treat the prisoners harshly?

the social context

Do the Guards really run the prisons?

The guards do not run literally run the prisons. The guards only enforce law and order in the prisons. They also safeguard the prisons by keeping a close eye on the prisoners.