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The reference for longitude ... the definition of 'zero' longitude ... is the Prime Meridian.

That imaginary line joins the north and south poles, and runs through Greenwich, a

suburb of London, UK.

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Q: What is the reference point for lines longitude and where is it?
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What reference lines are used to locate points on earth?

Latitude and Longitude

What are imaginary vertical lines found on maps are called?

Lines of longitude are imaginary vertical lines that represent the angular distance, in degrees, minutes, and seconds, of a point east or west of the Prime Meridian (Greenwich). Lines of longitude are often referred to as meridians. The lines of longitude run from the North pole to the South pole and at the poles all the lines of longitude intersect at a single point.

Why are lines of latitude and longitude useful to a geographer?

Lines of latitude and longitude allow a specific point to be located any where on the world.

Are Lines of longitude and latitude are used for locating certain points on the globe?

Yes. The intersection of a line of longitude and a line of latitude is a point on the globe, and that point is identified by the longitude and latitude of those lines.

Why are meridians also called lines of longitude?

Every point on a meridian has the same longitude.

At which point on the globe do the north-south geographic lines of reference converge after crossing the equator at right angles?

All of the meridians of longitude converge at the north and south poles.

How do you use latitude and longitude coordinates to find an absolute location on a map?

First, look on the map to find the line of latitude that the coordinates reference. If the exact line of latitude isn't shown on the map, estimate it by looking at the lines that are available. Then look on the map to find the longitude line that the coordinates reference. Once you have found the two lines, follow them both towards the point where they intersect. That is the location the coordinates reference.

How many degrees of longitude do you have east and west of the equator?

The equator is a latitude reference, not a longitude reference. There is some point on the equator with every possible longitude. The reference for longitude is the Prime Meridian. Longitudes are measured east of it up to 180°, and west of it up to 180°.

What are the reference point for latitude and longitude?

The latitude and longitude references are lines, not points. The reference for latitude is the line that forms a circle and consists of all points with zero latitude. That line is called the "equator". The reference for longitude is the line that forms a semi-circle and consists of all points with zero longitude. That line is called the "Prime Meridian".

What is the lines running up and down the earth called?

The imaginary lines running from north to south on a map are called longitude.

What two lines are baselines for measurement on earth surface?

The Equator is the zero reference for latitude.The Prime Meridian is the zero reference for longitude.

What is the lines that run north and south on a globe and intersect the poles?

If you pick a longitude and mark a dot at every point on Earth with that longitude, the dots will form a line between the north and south poles. The imaginary line is called the "meridian" of that longitude.