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The connotation 'statistical significance' takes into account the number of samples as well level of confidence in making a conclusion based on these samples. The level of confidence is typically denoted as 1-alpha (1 minus alpha), where alpha is basically the chance that the reported conclusion will incorrect. The most popular level of confidence is 95%, which coincides with a 5% alpha, meaning that when one makes a conclusion based on a particular sample, there is a 5% chance of a false or incorrect conclusion.

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Q: What is the relationship between levels of confidence and statistical significance?
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look for a paper being published in "The Oncologist" later this year (2008)

What is the statistical measure of a relationship between two variables?


To decide whether observed differences between samples reflect actual differences between?

statistical significance

What is the statistical study of the relationship between two sets of data?


What statement about the relationship between statistical power and statistical probability is true?

They are both concepts of a branch of mathematics that is called statistics.

What is Co-relational statistical procedure?

A Co-relational statistical procedure is a technique used to know the relationship between two variables or measures the closeness of two statistical data. A statistical graph is the best representation of it.

A statement about the relationship between two or more variables is called?

A statistical model.

Is there a relationship between dynamics and statistics?

There is a relationship between thermodynamics and statistics. For more detail than you can probably handle, check out the book Statistical Thermodynamics by McQuarrie.

Find the critical Zc that corresponds to a 98 confidence level?

The 98 percent confidence level is commonly used in statistical tests. The critical Zc refers to the amount of relation between to factors.

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What is the difference between statistical significance versus practical significance?

Statistical significance means that you are sure that the statistic is reliable. It is very possible that whatever you conclusion or finding is, it may not be important or it not have any decision-making utility. For example, my diet program has a 1 oz weight loss per month and I can show that is statistically significant. Do you really want a diet like that? It is not practically significant

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A non-directional research hypothesis is a kind of hypothesis that is used in testing statistical significance. It states that there is no difference between variables.