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The square roots of perfect squares are the numbers that when squared create perfect squares as for example 36 is a perfect square and its square root is 6 which when squared is 36

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Q: What is the relationship between perfect squares and square roots?
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The number of perfect square numbers between 50 and 1000 are?

There are 24 perfect squares between 50 and 1000.

How are square roots and perfect squares related?

The square root of every perfect square is an integer. However, there are also square roots of numbers that are not perfect squares.

How many perfect squares are there between 100 and 1000?

100 is a perfect square of 10.The square root of 1000 is 31.6blahblahblah, so the square of 31 is less than 1000 and the square of 32 is more than 1000.That means the perfect squares between (not including) 100 and 1000 are the squares of 11 through 31, a total of 21 different values.

What is the solution of the difference between first two perfect squares that end with 9?

The smallest perfect squares that end with 9 are 9 (the square of 3) 49 (the square of 7). Their difference is 40.

How do you estimate a square root that is not a perfect square yet?

Find the perfect squares that your number lies between. Your square root will lie between their square roots. Whichever it is closer to will indicate the size of the decimal.

Is zero is the perfect square?

No. There are infinitely many perfect squares so there is no "the" perfect square.

Is zero perfect square?

No. Convention defines perfect squares as squares of positive integers.

What is the relationship between perfect squares and square roots examples?

There is a partial relationship. The principal square root of a perfect square is the number itself. For example, the principal square root of 5^2 = the principal square root of 25 = the positive element in {-5, 5} = 5. The converse is not true. The number 3, for example, has a square root which are approx -1.7321 and 1.7321. But the square of either of these numbers is 3, but that is not a perfect square since it is not the square of an integer.

Is 42 a perfect square?

No- the closest perfect squares are 36 (perfect square of 6) and 49 (perfect square of 7)

Is 188 a perfect square?

No, 188 is not a perfect square. The nearest perfect squares as 169 and 196.

What you have learn in product of perfect square?

That the set of perfect squares is closed under multiplication. That is if x and y are any two perfect squares, then x*y is a perfect square.

What numbers are between 3000 and 3200 that are perfect squares?

The square root of 3000 is 54.77 and the square root of 3200 is 56.57. So the only perfect squares in the required number range are 552 = 3025 and 562 = 3126.