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Q: What is the relationship between point a and point b in math?
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Which term describes point and B?

The term that captures the relationship of point A and B is "between".

What is the relationship between a b and b a?

One is the negative of the other. a - b = - (b - a).

What is the difference between B and b in math?

B means the are of the base while b means the base line.

What is the relationship between a and b if LCM of ab equals a?

It implies b is a factor of a.

The relationship between reticulocytes polycythemia and hermacrit?

a and b

A is the mother b is fathers only daughter then What is the relationship between a and b is husband?


What is the definition of the transitive property of math?

Rate This AnswerThe transitive property states that if a relation holds between a and b and between b and c, then it also exists between a and c.So, if A=B AND B=C, THEN A=C

A is B'S Father and B is not a son of A so what is the relationship between A and B?

a is obviously god because b is his child but not really.

What correlations shows the strongest relationship between two variables A -74 B 68 C 07 or D -19?

A does but only if all of them are preceded by a decimal point.

A constant between 2 variables is what type of relationship?

It is a linear relationship, such as y=mx+b.

What is the point in math?

The point or points in math are what you call the little dots used in graphs, charts, or tables. Points usually refer to the alphabet exp: Point A, Point B, Point C... I have never seen points that are named with numbers, but I'm pretty sure that it is possible.:)

What the formula expressing the the relationship between weight in mass?