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Division is the opposite of multiplication.

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Q: What is the reverse multiplication?
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Is Division is the reverse of multiplication?

no,factorization is the reverse process of multiplication

The reverse of division is?


The reverse of multiplication is?


Multiplication is the reverse operation of?


How do you use reverse division?

Ah, multiplication?

What multiplication problem equals 46?

Aside from 1 x 46 and its reverse, the only multiplication sum involving positive integer numbers to equal 46 is 2 x 23 (and its reverse).

When you find a quotient you use multiplication to help what is that called?

reverse division

How do you know that a multiplication fact is correct?

There are a few ways to determine if a multiplication fact is correct:Repeated addition: since multiplication is simply repeated addition at its base, you can reaffirm a multiplication fact by repeatedly adding the number you're multiplying. With the basic multiplication facts (i.e. times tables), this is possibly the best option.Division: Since it's simply the reverse of multiplication, then you can just reverse the process to confirm it.Using multiple methods: There are multiple ways to do multiplication than just the usual long multiplication done in school, such as lattice multiplication, and Ayurvedic multiplication (just to name the two I know). You can use these to confirm a multiplication.

Why is it important to know the reverse process of multiplication?

To cross-check that a multiplication is correct as for example if 7*8 = 56 then the reverse process of division must be correct as 56/7 = 8 or 56/8 = 7

What is the defionition of inverse?

It is the reverse of the action Ex. Addition is the inverse of subtration multiplication is the inverse of division

What is divisible by 1234 and 6?

think of "reverse operations"...1234 times 6 would equal a # that is divisible by 1234 and 6, due to that multiplication is the reverse operation of division. or 7404

Can you reverse the order of integers when subtracting and still get the same answer why?

No because the commutative property only works for addition and multiplication