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Role of Statistics starts when we are interested in getting information from the data we are having. Making research we can generate data. But most of the time looking simply at the data it is very much tough to draw any conclusion. On analysing data we can get information. this information help in drawing conclusions and also helps in taking useful decisions. Data in the real world subjected to have errors. Only statistical analysis is feasible for error affected data, because when there the question of erroneous data comes in most case Mathematics (rather say Non-statistical mathematics??) fails. Nobdody can ignore the role of statistics in modern world. In present days theory of statistics is applied in every field of science say it is medical science, agricultural science physiology, geology or any other science.

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Q: What is the role of statistics in marketing research?
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What is the role of marketing research?

what is the role of marketing research in organisations

Importance of statistics in commerce and business field?

statistics had a great role in the business and commerce field . it also had agreat role in the field of research.

Role of secondary research in internet marketing?

Secondary research is good and the result of secondary research is good and effective.

What is marketing evolution?

Marketing Evolution is a market research firm which provides ROI solutions for marketers through survey research and analytic methods. It is so called because it's emphasis on research and statistics are a departure from the norm of other market research firms.

What has the author Pierre Weber written?

Pierre Weber has written: 'Elements of statistics for market research' -- subject(s): Marketing research, Statistical methods

What is the Role of statistics in science?

Statistics have a very crucial role in science. They are commonly used for research and data analysis in various projects in numbers. They can be used to interpret data and make future predictions.

What is the role of IT in the different sectors of marketing?

The IT department helps the marketing department communicate with other departments in the organization. It also helps them organize the research marketing professionals gather.

How the role of statistics is used in research?

Statistics is used to design the experiment (what type of data needs to be obtained and how much), then statistics is used to analyze the data (make inferences and draw conclusions).

What are the educational requirements for becoming a marketing researcher?

Individuals employed in marketing research occupations must understand statistics, data/information-processing analysis, psychology, consumer behavior, and communication.

Differences between marketing research and market research?

Marketing Research is broad whilst Market Research is narrow. Marketing Research is universal set whilst Market Research is the subset of the marketing research.

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limitation of marketing research

What is the role of statistics in research?

In every research there'll be some results. Sometimes it is in terms of numerical measure or in terms of logical statement. Statistics is used to check the accurary, connsistency or degree of usage of the results obtained by the researcher. Here we should know that statistics is a mid term tool used in every research. It will not decide any reseach conclusions. Statistics is a methodology used in middle of each research.