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Q: What is the rule for subtracting positive numbers?
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What is the rule for subtracting negative numbers?

The rule for subtracting negative numbers is 'when you are subtracting a negative number from a positive or negative, you must always add it.'Example: 3--3 = 3+3 = 6

How do you subtract negative numbers from positive numbers?

The negative sign will change to a positive sign when subtracting negative numbers from positive numbers so you will simply add them together.

What are the rules for adding and subtracting integers?

when you add two positive integers the answer is always positive when you add two negative integers the answer is positive when you add one negative and on positive integer, the answer is negative subtracting two negative numbers gets a negative answer subtracting two positive numbers- the answer depends subtracting a negative and positive number- the answer depends, the positive number would have to be bigger than the negative to achieve a negative number, and if the positive number is less, than the answer is still negative

When subtracting a negative and a positive your answer would be a positive?

If you are subtracting the negative from the positive, the answer will be positive. If you are subtracting the positive from the negative, the answer will be negative.

What is similar to subtracting two positive integers?

Subtracting two positive fractional numbers, or adding one positive and one negative integer.

What are is the rule for subtracting fractions with negative signs?

the same as adding whole numbers. two negatives = negative. two positives = positive, and a negative and positive depends on the absolute value of the greater number.

What is equivalent to adding a negative number?

Subtracting its additive inverse. (In principle, this is valid for adding positive numbers as well.)

Why do two negative numbers add together to make a positive number?

If you do -5+-5 you get -10 which is not a positive number. If you subtract two negative numbers you could get a positive depending on what number you are subtracting. E.G. -5 - -9 =4 which is positive. A good rule a thumb is -- goes up +- goes down.

How do you substract negative numbers?

Subtracting negative numbers is exactly the same as adding the positive number.

What is -9 minus 6?

-15. The rule is 'subtracting a positive is the same as adding a negative'

How can you turn the difference of two positive numbers is always positive into a false statement?

By subtracting a positive number from itself. 3 - 3 = 0

How do you get a negative answer when subtracting two positive numbers?

Have the second number be greater than the first.

Do you get a positive number when subtracting two negative numbers?

Have the second number be greater than the first.

Is it always true that two negatives make a positive?

Adding two negative numbers will always be negative. Subtracting two negative numbers may be positive or negative. Dividing or multiplying two negative numbers will always be positive.No

When using the rule for subtracting binary numbers 1-1 equals what?


How do you subtract a positive by a negative?

Subtracting a positive number from a negative number is the same as adding two negative numbers, which is like adding two positive numbers except you're going to the left from zero on the number line instead of to the right. The rule is to add the absolute values (the numbers without the signs) of the two numbers and keep the negative sign. For example, -3 - 5 = (-3) + (-5) = -1 * (3 + 5) = -8.

What is the result of subtracting 2 numbers?

The result of subtracting 2 numbers is the difference.

What is the answer to -6-6?


How is adding to negative integers the same as and different from subtracting two positive integers?

No- adding negative numbers is like adding positive numbesr , except the answer is negative.

Why multiplication of negative numbers equals positive?

When you multiply any number by a negative number you reverse its sign. So positive numbers become negative, and negative numbers become positive. That is the meaning of negative multiplication; it is reversal. This is similar to the way that adding a negative number has the same effect as subtracting a positive number. Negative is the opposite of positive.

Is the sum of a positive number and several negative numbers positive?

Possibly, but not definitely. There is no rule that determines the sign of a sum when many numbers are involved.

What is -2 plus -2?


What is adding and subtracting integers?

Integers are whole numbers, both positive and negative. Therefore, adding and subtracting integers would be adding and subtracting whole numbers. Examples: 8+2 -8+2 8-2 -8-2

How do you subtract a nagative from a positive?

Subtracting a negative is the same as subtracting the corresponding positive, e.g. 5 - (-2) = 5 + 2.

What is -7 x -5 plus -10?

The answer 25. Multiplying two negative numbers results in a positive answer. Adding a negative number to that result is the same as subtracting a positive.

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