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Q: What is the rule for the zero quotient?
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In the Quotient rule why can the denominator never equal 0?

Division by zero is specifically forbidden in mathematics.

What does A quotient undefined?

A quotient is undefined if the divisor is zero.

When a zero is divided by a non integer the quotient is?

Zero, unless the divisor is 0 in whichcase the quotient is not defined.

What happens to the quotient when the dividend and divisor are mutiplied by the same number?

As long as the number is not zero, the quotient remains unchanged. If the multiplier is zero then the quotient is undefined.

What can you tell about two integers when their quotient is positivenegative and zero?

When the quotient of two integers is positive, either both integers are positive or both negative. When the quotient of two integers is negative, one of the integers is positive and one negative. When the quotient of two integers is zero, the first integer is zero and the second one is anything but zero.

Is a quotient of zero and a negative number always zero?

Zero divided by anything is always zero.

When do you use a placeholder zero in the quotient?

When you're quotient is in the hundredths place or more or when you're dividend or divisor has a placeholder zero as well.

What is a number written as quotient of two integers where denominator is zero?

A quotient of two numbers cannot have a denominator which is zero: such a fraction is not defined.

What can you tell about two Integers when their quotient is zero?

The first integer is zero.

What can you tell about two integers when their quotient is positive negative zero?

Their quotient is positive if the integers have the same sign;negative if the integers have different signs;zero if the dividend is zero (and the divisor is not).

What is the quotient of 0 divided by 5?

Undefined: You cannot divide by zero

The quotient of any number and ------ is undefined?