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The rule that applies is USE YOUR SPELL CHECKER. There is no such word as divieded.

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Q: What is the rule that applies to the following sentence 0 divieded by 70?
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1) The HIPAA Privacy Rule applies to which of the following?

All of the aboveThe HIPAA Privacy Rule applies to PHI that is transmitted or maintained by a covered entity or a business associate in any form or medium.

The rule applies if a person is born in the US?

The Jus Soli rule applies if a person is born in the United States.

The rule applies if a person is born in the US.?

The Jus Soli rule applies if a person is born in the United States.

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The six second rule still applies in football today but only applies to goalkeepers.

What rule applies to the number sentence 0 divided by 7 equals 0?

Zero has no number quality, so ) divided by any number is 0.

Rule in a sentence?

what is the rule in this sentence I caught it; however, I then dropped it.

Is this how you spell applies?

Yes, applies is the correct spelling.Some example sentences are:She applies to the local university.The same rule applies to you as well, Benjamin.The doctor applies a bandage to my wound.

What rule applies to this word desire?

The word desire is a verb. There is no certain rule that applies to it. It can also mean a noun where one wishes for something to happen.

Can you draw a rhombus that is not a parallelogram?

No. Every rule that applies to a parallelogram applies to a rhombus, plus more.

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group 1

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Dunking is not allowed.

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None of the above sentences use the rule correctly. Either mom or grandma will take her camera to the game tonight.

When does the year and a day rule applies?

When your jurisdiction has a law, be it common law or statute, that says it applies. In the US, as far as I know, no states have a year and a day rule.

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No no one is above the rule of law.It applies to everyone equally~

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The rule applies whether or not a compulsory counterclaim statute or rule of court exists.

Does right-of-way rule applies to dead end street?


The rule of thirds applies to which dimension of a cinematographers work?


What is The HIPAA Security Rule applies to?

PHI transmitted electronically

What applies to the HIPAA security rule?

PHI transmitted electronically

What rule applies to data manipulation commands operating on a set of relational rows?

insert & update rule

The double consonant rule applies when you add?

The double consonant rule applies when a word end with a short vowel plus a consonant. For example, the word swim would become swimming.

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