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They are both shapes. they are both a quadrilateral. 4 corners and 4 sides.

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Q: What is the same about a rectangle and square?
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Is a rectangle the same as a square?

No. A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square.

Is a rectangle a square or is a square a rectangle?

O.K. to help you guys out a square is a rectangle. a square is a square that has four sides the same rectangle is not a the same only to sides are there that are the same for each side. Hope i helped you out

Square and rectangle are the same or not?

A square is a rectangle however a rectangle is not a square because it doesn't have equal edges.

What makes square and rectangle the same?

They are not technically the same. A square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square. A rectangle requires opposite sides to be the same length. A square's opposite sides are the same length so it is a rectangle. A square requires all sides to be the same length, not just opposite sides. So most rectangles are not squares.

Is the square and the rectangle the same?


Is a Square the same thing as a rectangle?

Yes. Although a rectangle cannot be a square.

A rectangle that has four congruent sides is a?

Square. Congruent means "the same". A rectangle with 4 sides that are the same is a square.

What is a difference between a square and rectangle is?

They are the same but a rectangle is longer wheras a square isn't.

Is area of a rectangle the same as its square footage?

If it is a perfect rectangle and you are measuring the sides by feet then the length times the width of a rectangle is the same as the square footage.

Is a rectangle a square or a square a rectangle Why?

no, a square has 4 equal sides while a rectangle has two even sides. Therefore, neither are the same.

What is the same about square and rectangles?


How is a square a rectangle but a rectangle isn't a square?

A square is a 4-sided shape in which all of the sides are same length, but a rectangle is a 4-sided shape in which a side parallel to another side are the same length. A square meets a rectangle's requirements, but since the rectangle's sides don't all have to be the same size, it doesn't meet the square's requirements

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