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Q: What is the same number of 3 and 8?
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Is seven eighths the same as two thirds?

No, because you can't multiply a number by 3 to get 8 No, because you can't multiply a number by 3 to get 8

What is 11 plus -3?


When a 3-digit number has the same digits it is divisible by 11?


How do you change a power to a product in math?

You can only do it if the power is an integer. If the power is a positive integer, then it represents multiplication of the same number of "bases". Thus, 34 = 3*3*3*3 or 85 = 8*8*8*8*8 Also any number to the power 0 is equal to 1. Finally, a number raised to a negative number is the same as its reciprocal raised to the corresponding positive power. Thus 3-4 = (1/3)4 = (1/3)*(1/3)*(1/3)*(1/3)

When 16 is subtracted from a particular number the result is the same as the result of dividing it by 3 what is the particular number?


What does one eighth times the whole number three equal and how do you get the answer?

3\8.You see, when you multiply a whole number times and a fraction is the same as multiplying only the numerator by the whole number.So,if you apply it to the problem, it will be 3*(1\8)=3*1\8=3\8.

What is 3 and 56 64ths?

3 and 56/64 is the same as 3 and 7/8 in its simplest form as a mixed number

What fraction is 3 eighths the same as?

6 / 16, 9/ 24, 12/32 etc... To find equivalent fractions just multiply the numerator (top number) by a number and the denomanator (bottom number) by the same number. Example: 3/8 3x2=6 8x2=16 3/8=6/16

What is the answer to 3 over 8 divided by 2 over 3?

Division by a number is the same as multiplication by its inverse. So, (3/8) / (2/3) = (3/8) * (2/3) = (3*2) / (8*3) = 2/8 (cancelling the threes) = 1/4

Divide you by 3 or multiply you by 6 the answer will be the same what number are you?


What are other ways you can use three number that are the same and that will make up of 24?

They are: 8+8+8 = 24 or as 3 times 8 = 24

How can you use multiplication for 3 over 8 to find an equivalent fraction?

Multiply 3 and 8 by the same number, like 2, to get 6/16.