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It is a cube or a cuboid

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Q: What is the shape that has 12 edge 6 faces and 8 vertice?
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Related questions

3D shape with 12 faces 14 vertice's and how many faces?

12, surely.

3D shape with 8 faces 12 vertice's and 2 faces are different from the other six?

A Ronagon

How many faces edges and vertice's does a cubiod have?

6 faces, 12 edges and 8 verices

How many edges faces and vertice's a octahedron have?

Faces = 8Edges = 12 to 18 Vertices= 6 to 12.

How many vertice edges faces does a rectangular prism have?

8 vertices, 12 edges, 6 faces

How many faces edges and vertice has a box?

A box, if viewed as a cuboid, has 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices.

What shape has 12 edges 6 faces and 8 vertices?

what shape has 6 faces,12 edges,and 8 vertices

What solids have 12 edges?

A cube has 12 edges as does an octahedron and those are the two platonic solids (convex polyhedra with congruent regular polygons as faces where the same number of faces meet at each vertice) with 12 edges.

A shape with 12 faces?

what is a shape with twelve faces called

What shape has 12 edges no faces what is it called?

It is impossible, A shape has to have faces. But if you can have faces, then it is a dodecagon

What shape has 6 face's and 8 vertice's and 12 edges?

a cube * * * * * or the more general shape: a parallelopiped.

A rectangular prism has 6 faces and 8 vertices how many edges does it have?

the rectangle has 6 faces 8 vertice's and 12 edges who doesn't know that

What is a shape called with 12 faces?

A Dodecahedron has 12 pentagonal faces.

What is a regular 3D with 12 pentagon faces?

It is a dodecahedron - a shape with 12 faces which are regular pentagons.

What shape has more than 1 vertex and has 12 faces?

Since it has 12 faces, it is a dodecahedron.

What is a 3d shape with 12 faces called?

A dodecahedron (literally, "12 face solid").The "regular dodecahedron" has 12 identical faces, all regular pentagons ("5 sided flat shape").But there are many, many other 3d shapes with 12 faces, including the rhombic dodecahedron which has 12 identical faces, all 4 sided parallelograms.what shape has 12 faces?

What is a 3 dimensional shape with 12 faces called?

hello this is me i am 11 years old but i still don't know what a 3D shape with 12 faces is called

What edge of a cube?

The edge of a cube is a line where two faces meet. A cube has 12 edges.

Which shape had 12 edges and 6 faces?

A cuboid has 12 edges, 6 faces and 8 vertices

What shape has 12 faces?


What is a shape with 12 faces?

a dodecahedron

How many faces verticies and edge does a hexagonal prism has?

7 faces, 7 vertices's, 12 edges.

What has 8 vertices 12 edge 6 faces?

A cube

What is a mathematical shape with 12 faces?

dodecagon- 12 sides

Shape 12 faces 8 vertices and 6 square faces?

A cube