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Q: What is the shortest line across an ellipse called?
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What is the line of bisection of an ellipse named?

The line of bisection of an ellipse is called the tangent.

How do you find the major axis in an ellipse?

The major axis is the line that joins the two foci (focuses) of the ellipse. If all you have is a picture of an ellipse and you don't know where the foci are, you can still find the major axis in a few seconds: It's the longest possible line that you can draw completely inside the ellipse, and it's the line straight across the ellipse between the two opposite "points of the egg".

In the ellipse shown below the red line segment is called the?


The orbit of a planet around the sun is a ellipse straight line circle or parabola?

The orbit of a planet around the sun is called an ellipse.

Which shape is ellipse?

Ovallike an egg.hey how did u create that question please tell me^ that is so not the answer -.- An ellipse is an oval with a line going down the middle and a line going across. thatd make it look like a square (kinda) inside the oval :D

How many straight lines does a ellipse have?

None; an ellipse is a smooth curve, not a line.

How many lines of symmetry does an ellipse have?

An ellipse has two lines of mirror symmetry: the line that includes the two foci of the ellipse and the perpendicular bisector of the segment of that line between the two foci.

If a length of a line segment is 6 and another line segment is 8 how long is the major axis of the ellipse?

The answer will depend on what, if anything, the line segments have to do with the ellipse.

The line across from the right angle is called a?

In a right angle triangle, the line across from the riht angle is called the hypotenuse.

What is the shortest air route between two cities called?

straight line

The shortest path from a starting point to an endpoint what is it called?

The shortest path between two points is called a geodesic. In flat (Euclidean) space it is simply a straight line.

What is the shortest directed distance between two points without a reference called?

A line.